Otto Bacher Invitational

Friday, May 5, 2006 at Merrill

Otto Bacher was Merrill's first State Champion (1916) and it was in the 440 yd run [54.0]. Each year a coed invitational is held in his honor. In the girls meet the team scores were: 1. Lakeland 161; 2. Merrill 128.50; 3. Tomahawk 107.50; 4. Marshfield 87; 5. Mosinee 48; 6. Rhinelander 47; 7. Marathon 44.50; 8. Antigo 34.50; 9. Park Falls 31; 10. Three Lakes 13. Greg Eichelkraut took the pictures displayed on this page.

Pictured above are the 4x1 [top- won by Merrill], 4x2 [above left- won by Marshfield] and the 4x8 [above right- won by Lakeland] relay events.

Above: 1600 meter event won by Molly Bishop [Tomahawk-lane 2 dark jersey with gold logo]. Below: 400m event won by Brooke Robertson [ Lakeland - gray jersey]. Sarah Sudbury of Tomahawk was third [runner to left of Robertson].

Taking advantage of an unusual streak of warm weather the Merrill distance runners* went to Lake Pesabic [ just north of Merrill] for a water workout. Some teams use their schools swimming pool for change of pace workouts and to ease up on the legs but the Merrill team had the added advantage of palm trees and a sand beach. On the downside it was rumored that several cases of extreme sunburn prevented a school record in the 4x8 relay. Below is pictured 'The Rock' which was used to promote the Otto Bacher meet at Merrill.

* The Honor Roll makes every attempt to verify information for accuracy.
However meeting a deadline prevented obtaining a second source.