River Valley Triangular

Tuesday, May 2, 2006 at Spring Green

Left: Sophomore Deidre Dillman of Prairie Du Chien, the Honor Roll leader in the 400m [ 58.64 as of April 30 HR], is shown in the 1600m at the River Valley Triangular on Tuesday, May 2. Dillman won that race with a time of 5:22.+. At the 2005 WIAA D2 Cross Country meet Dillman placed 15th.

Above and above right: Sisters Alli [L] and Ann Tank from Dodgeville-Mineral Point in the 3200m race. Alli is a junior and Ann is a sophomore. They placed 10th and 9th in the 2005 D2 WIAA Cross Country Meet leading the Dodgeville-Mineral Point team to a State D2 Championship. Prairie Du Chien and Dodgeville-Mineral Point along with River Valley competed in ideal weather conditions at the meet held at Spring Green.

Above left: Jenny Bjorge of Dodgeville-Mineral Point winning the 100m HH.
Above: Jennie Armstrong [red jersey on left] of River Valley edging out Jessica Miess of Dodgeville-Mineral Point [blue jersey] in the 100m.
Far left: Prairie Du Chien's Briony Scheckler [maroon jersey] in the 400m event.
Left: Heidi Straka of Dodgeville-Mineral Point won the 400m and the 300m LH events.

River Valley in the 4x1 - last exchange zone

Alexa Aaroen hands off to Jennie Armstrong

Above: River Valley won the 4X1 and 4x2 relays: [L-R] Jessica Rogers, Christi Gander, Alexa Aaroen, Jennie Armstrong and Phylicia Cook.

Above left: 4X8 relay exchange- Katie Toberman of PDC [maroon jersey] gets the baton to Trisha Keeney while River Valley's Jordan Thering hands off to teammate Erica Johnson.

Above right: In the 4x2 Prairie Du Chien executes the last exchange .

Above: Dodgeville-Mineral Point won the D2 2005 Cross Country Championship. Some of the cross country runners now on the track team are [L-R] Alicia Lipska, Christina Frank, Erica Owens, Heather Riniker, Taylor Martin, Shelby Wallace, Ann Tank and Alli Tank. Kneeling [L-R] Abby Trollop and Katie McGraw. Not shown Heidi Straka.

Right: Coach Ryan Lipska from Dodgeville-Mineral Point and his daughter Alicia. Alicia is a junior and finished in 16th place at the D2 WIAA Cross Country meet.

Deidre Dillman
Prairie Du Chien

Grade 9

1600m 4th in D2 in 5:10.19

Grade 10

Cross Country 2005
15th in D2

400m 58.4
800m 2:21.4
1600m 5:22.+

Picture on left courtesy of the Courier Press newspaper.