Nelson - Daniels Classic Large Schools

Kachel Field House At UW- Whitewater

Saturday, March 18, 2006 Hosted by UW-Whitewater. Results

"Take your marks........ SET! ...... The echo of the starters gun bounces off the walls as physical and nervous energy is released at the start of a race. On the left Kennaye Lewis [L] of Milwaukee Vincent and Laura McQueen [R] of Janesville Craig explode off the blocks in the 55m preliminaries. Below left: [L-R] Casandra Edwards of Milwaukee Vincent, VieAnne Lucas of South Milwaukee and Rachel Kenniston of Stoughton. Below Right: Jenna Sitte [R] of Waukesha West and Rebeca Michalek [L] of Mukwonago.

Above: The finals of the 55m. [L-R] Senior Jenna Sitte of Waukesha West was second in 7.40. Ninth grader Kennaye Lewis of Milwaukee Vincent was first in 7.38. Calli Burkart of Wauwatosa West was sixth in 7.64 and Marie Fischer of Janesville Craig came in seventh with a time of 7.78. Kennaye Lewis also won the 200m posting a time of 25.92.

The hurdles are a blur of action with runners in a narrow lane skimming a barrier that provides the potential for disaster. Above, the finals of the 55m hurdles. [L-R] Taylor Lindl of Wauwatosa East was third, Calanetta Burrows and Liz Morell of Menomonee Falls finished first and second while Shelby Demos [ lane 2 green jersey] a ninth grader from Janesville Parker finished fourth.

Clockwise from above left: Erin Dian [Waukesha West Wolverines] won the 400m in 1:01.73. The 1600m was won by Autumn Dettman [ Watertown-blue jersey] with a time of 5:21.97. Alyssa Beste of Waukesha West finished strong in the last 50 meters to win the 800m in 2:28.98.

The pictures below are from heat 3 [ below left] and heat 4 of the 800m.