Wisconsin Valley Conference Outdoor Championships

Tuesday, May 16, 2006 at Wausau East. Pictures by Greg Eichelkraut. Results

The finals of the 100m [L-R]: Alison Charles [DC Everest], Brooke Przekurat [SPASH], winner senior Amy Bachinski [SPASH], Teri Heinzen [ Marshfield], Kristi Konsella [Wauasau West], Natalie Quinn [Antigo], and Rachel Gardner [Rhinelander]. Bachinski had a time of 12.45

Left: Jayme Dittmar [red jersey] junior from Wausau East winning the 800m. Dittmar is on the Week 10 Honor Roll in the 400m [58.72] and the 800m [2:22.79]. Finishing second was Kristen Schram of Merrill.
Above: Start of the 3200m event won by Cassey Lynn of Merrill [Blue jersey second from right].

The 1600m event was won by Kate Sanft [ Wausau East- red jersey]

Above left: Corina Saager [red jersey] from Wausau East won the 300m LH event. Amber Brzezinski [blue jersey] from Merrill was third while Felicia Brown [ blue and gold jersey] from Wausau West was second. Brzezinski caught a hurdle, took a fall and broke her thumb, but still managed to finish in third. Above right: DC Everest [green jersey] won the 4x2 relay.

Below: In the 4x1 relay event Stevens Point won in [51.02] while Wausau West was second [51.15] and DC Everest third [51.29].