Why We Do Not Recognize Your Track & Field Athletes
[ and other Frequently Asked Questions ]

A recognition survival kit for the season

Does the Honor Roll only give recognition to some conferences and select schools?

No! Our goal is to be as balanced and comprehensive as possible. An example of our balance between small versus large school coverage are the pictures taken at each years State Meet: Megan Rennhack [above left] is a D3 State Champion hurdler from Dodgeland High School. D1 4x4 relay runners [L-R] from Manitowoc Lincoln [Terri Blahnik],Waukesha West [Lauren Grant], Hartland Arrowhead [Katie Duchow], Wauwatosa West [Ashlee Ballinger] and Milwaukee King [Jessica Person] are pictured in the finals at the 2007 State Meet. However we do not want to wait until the State Meet to get results and pictures.

Why are some athletes not recognized on the Honor Roll?

A simple answer to this is that WE DID NOT KNOW. In other words no person sent us the information about an athlete and their performance. We cannot publish information if we are not aware of a performance. It is impossible to scan every website and newspaper for results in order to publish a timely update to the Honor Roll. Each year since we started compiling the Honor Roll in 1994 we have improved. However with each State Meet there are a few athletes who excel at La Crosse who have not been recognized during the regular season. This is disappointing to us. If an athlete is not listed on the Honor Roll by Sunday night following a meet either please send us the link to the meet results or use the RESULT FORM on our website to send us the information. Honor Roll publishing dates are given at the 'hrdate' link. We will then add your performance to the current Honor Roll list.

Whose job is it to send information about athletes and their performances?

Any person who is a track enthusiast is encouraged to submit results. Coaches, fans, parents and even athletes have helped send information in past seasons. Our goal is to promote a great sport. We cannot do that alone. Coaches could designate parents or team managers to submit reports if they are too busy to send information. Our website has a result form that helps in sending results. Also track supporters can send results and pictures by e-mail. As a track enthusiast it is our responsibility to share the positives that the sport of track and field produces. As adults we expect quite a bit from our athletes. The other side of the coin is that we as adults should recognize those students and athletes who excel.

How do you become involved in promoting track and field in Wisconsin?

Be a track enthusiast! Spread the word to other coaches and track fans. Let as many people know as possible how to view your Honor Roll website. Also inform people on how they can send results.

How can you share a great secret in Wisconsin?

Track and field coaches in Wisconsin are outstanding teachers and coaches. Year in and year out they help our students and athletes reach their potential. These teachers and coaches are lucky to be able to work with motivated and high achieving students who are track athletes in their school. In an era when it is common for people to criticize education it is important for us to promote the value and rewards that track and field teams bring to their communities. You can reach this goal by joining a network of coaches, parents, track fans, and athletes who share information that will be published on the Honor Roll website.

Are you important to the success of the Track and Field Wisconsin Sports Network?

Absolutely! You can be a part of a network of track and field enthusiasts by sharing results and pictures of performances of meets involving Wisconsin high school students. Pictures from meets would be a great addition to the Honor Roll. We attempt to cover as many meets as possible but distance, time available and meets held at the same time make this difficult or impossible. Pictures could be of: Athletes in events, athletes after events especially those athletes who have set meet, school or conference records, super fans whose support of track and field make track and field a positive experience, and action shots that show the emotion and exertion of athletes in competition. Individually it is tough to make a significant impact but together we could greatly elevate track and field exposure in Wisconsin.

Do you compile separate lists for each division?

Yes. Beginning with the 2010 season separate lists will be compiled for each division as well as an 'All-Division' list. Experience has shown that it is a challenge to get results for the state regardless of division. We will do our best at compiling Honor Roll's for D1, D2, D3, and D1-D3. With coaches sending results this should work. It should be noted that the WISTCA combines all three divisions when announcing its All-State athletes from track and field. In addition the media usually cites the D1-D3 list in recognizing athletes with outstanding performances.

Why should we do the work when you are reaping the rewards?

We started compiling results in 1994. Based on 'profits' we would have gone out of business long ago. In the late 1990's the coaches association [WISTCA] gave us a one-time amount of $100 which we used for faxing and paper duplication costs. Before the popularity of the Internet results were faxed or mailed once a week. Also in the 1990's the Wisconsin State Journal gave us a one-time amount of $75 to cover expenses of compiling and sending results to their paper. During the 2008 season the Honor Roll supplied results to Wisconsin Sports Net. This resulted in revenues of $157 and expenses to the State Meet in La Crosse. With the 2009 season Wisconsin Track Online again became an independent entity. In the last few years other websites have begun promoting track and field by presenting perofrmance data on meets in Wisconsin. Those sites do an outstanding job of presenting the data. And like those sites Wisconsin Track Online hopes that 'getting the word out' on performances will promote track and field. Our purpose has never been one involved with monetary rewards. In producing the Wisconsin Track Online website we have attempted to give back to a sport that has given so much to our children and other athletes who have participated in track and field.