Lois Wolf Originator Of The Girls Honor Roll

Tuesday, March 23, 2010 Lois Wolf Invitational at Whitefish Bay High School. Results

Lois Wolf [left] who was the first girls track coach at Whitefish Bay High School started the first Girls Honor Roll with help from West Allis Hale girls track coach Barb Reisner. The year was 1971 which was also the year of the first Girls State Meet hosted by the WIAA. Prior to that Wolf tried to promote girls track by entering teams in indoor meets held at the Milwaukee Arena. The promoters of those meets were reluctant to have girls run so they limited their participation to one race. That race was a one lap relay. Each girl ran 1/4 of a lap before handing off. Old time track fans who attended meets at the Milwaukee Arena remember a narrow banked track that was not very long. Trying to perform handoffs after 1/4 of a lap on a banked track proved to be a disaster. Beginning in 1971 Wolf promoted girls track by producing a Girls Honor Roll. Bill Cross the boys coach at Whitefish Bay compiled a Boys Honor Roll at that time. To get girls interested in track and field Wolf held pentathalon events. Also Coach Reisner at West Allis Hale held steeplechase races to promote interest in girls track. Although the Honor Roll was passed on to other compilers Wolf remains involved by volunteering at Whitefish Bay meets. Lois Wolf was a pioneer in girls track and field whose early work has paid great dividends.
Seven one hundredths of a second separated first and second place in the 4x8 relay race. The photo on the right is a picture of the computer screen image of the electronic timing finish of the 4x8. Arrowhead [red] and Brookfield Central competed in an early season showdown that is sure to provide a season long goal for both teams. The seqeunce of pictures below starts with the first runners and progresses to the anchors for both squads.

Arrowhead [10:39.27]

  • Taylor McDowell
  • Monica Crone
  • Alyssa Kowis
  • Teagan Seneczko

Brookfield Central [10:39.34]

  • Brianna Speaker
  • Maragaret Flatley
  • Elizabeth Stief
  • Shelia Kilb

Above left: Heather Bong [Arrowhead] won the 60yd dash. Above right: Katelyn Malcore [Brookfield Central] was the 60yd HH winner.
Milwaukee Pius XI coaches [above] react as Pius dash athlete Olivia Ramirez [below] won the 440 yd [subtract .26 seconds or multiply by .9942 to get an equivalent 400m time] in 1:02.55. Whitefish Bay runner Mady Vicker [below right] was second to Ramirez.
Right [L-R]: Dana Clausen [Racine Horlick], Annie Mitchell [Arrowhead], Katie Smalley [Menomonee Falls], and Ramirez.
Left: Whitefish Bay's Megan Palmer won the 880yd race [2:23.53].

Below: Start of the 880yd run [Runners listed L-R]:

Jenny Vrobel [Shorewood]

Kayla Kokonis [Muskego]

Hannah Trasser [Brookfield Central, 2nd in 2:26.10]

Adriana Guiterez [New BerlinEisenhower]

Megan Padgett [Brown Deer]

Megan Palmer [Whitefish Bay]

Eighteen teams competed at the Lois Wolff Invitational. Arrowhead won the meet scoring 106 points. Host Whitefish Bay was second with 70 points followed by Brookfield Central.

Above L-R: Mile runners Andie Zeman [Arrowhead], Kenzie Vicker [Whitefish Bay], and Sammy Woller [New Berlin Eisenhower].
Left: 2 mile runner Therese Thompson [Left, New Berlin Eisenhower] keeps occupied while waiting for her race. She finished 3rd in that race.
Waukesha North's Jenna McMiller [Above photo from 2009 Brookfield East Sectional Meet] won the 2 mile run with a time of 11:19.31.

Below: Arrowhead athletes multi-tasking: Homework, supporting teammates, and waiting for their event.

Above: Mile winner Kenzie Vicker [5:25.61].

Whitefish Bay had one of the first field house facilities in Wisconsin. In those days track races were in yards: 100yd, 220yd, 440yd, and the mile races.

Relay Snapshots