Badger Throwers Challenge School Records

Wednesday, January 19, 2011 at the McClain Center, University of Wisconsin at Madison

Photographs by Larry Scheunemann and Dave Figi

Year: Freshman

High School: Monona Grove, WI

High School Size: 917

At State Senior Year:

  • Shot: 2nd in D1 47 04.25
  • Discus: 2nd in D1 148' 08
  • State 1st in D1 SP 2009 44' 08.75

Top College Performance

  • Shot: 47' 08
  • Discus: 145' 00

Year: Sophomore

High School: Ft. Zumwalt West, O'Fallon, MO [West of St. Louis, MO]

High School Size: 2434

At State Senior Year:

  • Shot: 6th in Class 4 40' 04.50
  • Discus: 2nd in Class 4 143' 03

Top College Performance

  • Shot: 49' 09.25
  • Discus: 146' 09

Year: Red shirt freshman

High School: Columbus, WI

High School Size: 395

At State Senior Year:

  • Shot: 5th in D2 40' 08.50
  • Discus: 111' 09

Top College Performance

  • Shot: 44' 03.75

Year: Junior

High School: Athens, WI

High School Size: 206

At State Senior Year:

  • Shot: 3rd in D3 39' 02
  • Discus: 2nd in D3 129' 01
  • HH: 2nd in D3
  • LH: 7th in D3

Top College Performance

  • Shot: 42' 01.50
  • Discus: 158' 01
  • Javelin: 122' 07

Year: Freshman

High School: Marlboro HS, Marlboro, NJ [East of Trenton, NJ]

High School Size: 2078

At State Senior Year:

  • Javelin: 2nd in grade 2 138' 07

Top College Performance

  • Javelin: 146' 11

Year: Red shirt freshman

High School: Hartland Arrowhead, WI

High School Size: 2251

At State Senior Year:

  • Shot: 6th in D1 38' 05.75
  • Discus: 5th in D1 123' 04

Top College Performance

  • Shot: 41' 07.75
  • Discus: 132' 11

Year: Sophomore

High School: Dodgeland, WI

High School Size: 253

At State Senior Year:

  • HH: 1st in D3 14.63 [D3 Record]
  • LH: 1st in D3 43.75 [D3 Record]
  • 100m: 2nd in D3 12.54

Top College Performance

  • Javelin: 142' 08

Year: Sophomore

High School: Clear Creek High School, League City, TX [NW of Galveston, TX]

High School Size: 3127

At State Senior Year:

  • Shot: 2nd in Div. 5A 46' 04.25
  • Discus: 2nd in Div. 5A 147' 00

Top College Performance

  • Shot: 51' 11.25 [UW Record, broke Bree Fuqua's old record of 51' 03 set in 2003 ]
  • Discus: 161' 09

Head Coach: Sixth year as head coach for the Badgers.

Previous: Former Badger All-American. Spent 20 years at Michigan State as head mens cross country coach and assistant track coach.

Graduate of: 1981 graduate of UW-Madison with a degree in art.

Assistant Coach: Second year throws and pole vault coach

Previous: Head track and field and cross country coach at Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville

Graduate of: 2001 graduate of Eastern Illinois University with degrees in Biological Sciences and Chemistry.

Warmups:Throwers Jasmine Boyer [Sophomore, O'Fallon, MO] and Brandon Bettenhausen [Freshman, Brodhead HS] are pictured above in footwork and agility drills. Athletes spent about 1 1/2 hours in agility drills, footwork drills, and throwing before they went to the weightroom for another hour of work.

Left and above: Sophomore Jasmine Boyer [Sophomore, O'Fallon, MO] The athletes worked on the mechanics of the shot put before going to a drill involving the hammer throw.

Above left and center:Freshman Angela Boushea [Monona Grove]. Above right: Sophomore Jasmine Boyer.

Above L-R: Wisconsin Track and Field Assistant Coach David Astrauskas is the throws coach with the Badgers. He is pictured with Dan Block [Freshman, Illinois 2010 State Champion and Illinois HS record holder in the discus at 208' 11 and shot put 66' 03] and freshman Angela Boushea

Below: Astrauskas works with Jasmine Boyer a sophomore from Ft. Zumwalt West HS, O'Fallion, Missouri.

Throwers follow an outline for each practice and record their progress in log books. Boushea and Boyer are pictured below retreiving their shots after a series of warmup throws. Athletes came into the indoor McClain Center facility in small groups starting at noon and lasting until about 4 PM. Drills were performed in the McClain Center, the indoor track facility in the 'Shell', and in the weight room which is located beneath the McClain Center. Volleyball, softball, and mens and womens track athletes shared facilities during this practice time.

Above L-R: Red shirt freshman Abby Lueck [Columbus] and sophomore Taylor Smith [League City, Texas] are pictured during warmups in the 'Shell.' Smith set the Badger Women's Record in the SP with a throw of 51' 11.25 inches at the Badger Track Classic on Saturday, January 15. Smith is pictured below left while Lueck is shown below right. The throwers used 12 lb shots instead of the normal 4 Kg [about 8.8 lbs] shot puts used in womens competition.

Junior Sunni Massop [Athens] is pictured above right and below right in the weight room. Her throwing workouts are limited at this time because she is re-habbing from knee surgery.

Day 1
Hang Clean
Hang Snatch
Safety Squat
Front Squat
DB Incline
Reverse Hypers
MD Twist.

Day 2
Push Press
Hang Cleans
DB Snatch
Box Squat
DB Bench
Toe Touches
Rev Crunches.

Each days weight room workout is outlined and the throwers record their workouts in notebooks

Angela Boushea - Standing throw -12 lb SP

Jasmine Boyer - Footwork drill

Jasmine Boyer - Dynamic Wheel drill - 12 lb SP

Abby Lueck and Taylor Smith - Warmup throws

Sunni Massop - Push press - 135 lbs

Angela Boushea - Push press - 155 lbs

Jasmine Boyer - Box squat [455 lbs]