Summer Workouts: Madison Throws Club

Wednesday, June 29, 2011 at Madison Memorial High School. Link to MTC

Joe Frontier's [above] Madison throws Club has workouts and instruction on Monday and Wednesday nights at Madison Memorial High School. Memorial has excellent throw facilities with three SP rings and two discus cages that allow group instruction and sufficient repetitions for the athletes. Throwers came from as far away as one hour and ranged from beginners to athletes with extensive WIAA State Meet experience.

Warmups were led by former Monona Grove coach John Verhelst

Above: Joe Frontier addresses some of the athletes prior to their group work. Frontier is the throws coach at Madison Memorial High School

Below: John Verhelst was one of the instructors for the discus throwers

Athletes received many repetitions and immediate feedback as they worked on the skills needed to be a successful throw athlete

One of the shot put instructors was Monona Grove head boys coach Brian Storm

One of the shot put instructors was Larry Ehrhorn. Ehrhorn is a 2004 graduate of Madison Memorial. He won the Silver Medal in the D1 SP event at the 2004 State Meet.

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