13th Annual Janesville Parker Girls Invite

Thursday, April 21, 2011 at Janesvile's Monterey Stadium. Results

Randy Pickering [left, at Monterey Stadium] is a familiar voice to track fans. In addition to announcing at Craig high school athletic events and the WIAA State Meet, Randy who is a former Janesville Craig student also announces at Parker track meets and was recently given a Merit Award by the Wisconsin Track Coaches Association for his 40 years of service to Parker, Craig and the WIAA.

Randy and his wife Ruth [above right] have been long time volunteers at the State Meet. Randy announces at the State Meet while Ruth is one of the Clerks of Course. Randy and Ruth live in Verona.

Above left 100m dash athletes L-R: Halie Hart [Westosha Central, 2nd] and Hannah Rohde [Waukesha West]. Right: 100m dash winner Caireese Ayers-Reese [Beloit Memorial, 13.64]. Below left 100m dash athletes L-R: Sarah Talbot [Franklin,7th], Mahoganie Franklin [Janesville Parker], and Brittany Burns [Beloit Memorial]. Below right: Oak Creek's Lauren Carranza [4th in 100m dash].

Finals of the 100m dash L-R: Katie Corrao [Waukesha West, 3rd], Talbot, Rohde, winner Caireese Ayers-Reese, Carranza, and Burns. The Verona Wildcats outpointed Waukesha West 192.83 to 155 to win the seven team meet.

Above: Cairesse Ayers-Reese in the 200m dash [Beloit Memorial, 2nd].

Right: 200m dash winner Ashley Bartow [Verona, 27.11, 26.86 in prelims] .

Above: Paige Demos [Janesville Parker] won the 100m HH in 16.34

Left: Kristin Heckel [Waukesha West, 2nd in HH].

Above: Verona's Tyler Henderson [3rd].

Above L-R: Zoe Kupfer [Franklin, 5th] and Caylie O'Neil [Verona, 9th].

Finals of the 100m HH L-R: Tyler Henderson, Kristin Heckel, and Paige Demos

Above: Backstretch of heat 3 of the 400m dash: Karen Wong [Verona #7], Alyssa Marks [Waukesha West, #8], and Caiti McCormick [Waukesha West, #5].

Right: 400m dash winner Kadijah Brandenburg [Beloit, 1:04.32]. Brandenburg held on at the finish and edged out McCormick [1:04.37].

Start of the 1600m run

Above: Ninth grader Jenny LaCroix from Verona won the 1600m race. Far left: Allie Fons [ninth grader from Franklin, 3rd in 16k]. Left: Second place inthe 1600m run went to Kelsey Jaeger [Waukesha West] .

Backstretch of the 'gun lap' L-R: LaCroix, Jaeger, and Fons

Wauksha West senior athlete Kristin Heckel had a busy night. she was second in the HH and TJ and won the LJ [16' 08] and the 300m LH event [above, 48.75].

Verona senior Brooke Richardson [above] won the HJ [5'02].

HJ athletes L-R: Lauren O'Brien [Verona, 2nd], Paige Demos [Janesville Parker, 3rd], and Lauren Ineichen [Westosha Central, 4th].

Oak Creek HJ athletes Sam Fishbach [above] and Alyssa Parker [right].

Above and right: Verona horizontal jumper Ashley Bartow.

Bartow won the the TJ [34' 09.00] and placed second in the LJ [16' 06.00].

Above: Katelyn Thomas [Franklin] in the TJ.

Left: Westosha Central TJ athlete Tori Rudolph.

Above L-R: PV winner Erika Whitson [Janesville Parker, 9' 09] and Olivia Lampone [Franklin, 2nd]

Erika Whitson clearing 9' 09.

Above L-R: Jessica Zeman [Franklin, 3rd] and Kristin Zeilinger [Janesville Parker, 4th]

Above L-R: Waukesha West 4x8 winners Lauren Sigfred, MaKenna Stelpflug, Kianna Keller, and Felicia Gesior

4x8 relay runners legs 1-3

Above: Verona held off Beloit [1:53.33 to 1:53.77] in the 4x2 relay.

Left: Start of the 4x2.

Above L-R: Oak Creek's 4x1 relay winners Jasmine Jones, Cassie Grant, Alyssa Parker, and Lauren Carranza

Oak Creek anchor Lauren Carranza takes the baton from Alyssa Parker