2014 Big '8' Conference Meet

Tuesday, May 20, 2014 at Mansfield Stadium-Hosted by Madison Memorial. Results.


Tara Franklin's Middleton team scored 181 points to win the Big '8' Conference Track and Field Meet. Middleton was followed by defending champion Sun Prairie, Beloit Memorial, host Madison Memorial and Verona Area. Big '8' conference schools are: Beloit Memorial, Janesville Craig, Janesville Parker, Madison East, Madison La Follette, Madison Memorial, Madison West, Middleton, Sun Prairie, and Verona Area.

One of the oldest grils records was tied at the meet. Former Janesville Parker athletes Sharon Dollins [1979, 11.8 HHT] and Sharon Gorman [1981, 12.18 FAT] were co-holders of the 100m dash record. Beloit Memorial sophomore Jaliyah Elliott [below left] posted a 12.45 in the 100m dash prelims and then came back in the finals with a blazing fast 12.18 clocking. Elliott was one of six athletes in the state on Tuesday who took advantage of warmer temperatures to significantly lower the 100m dash times on the All-Division Honor Roll.

Wisconsin Track Online Feature For 2014

Left: 100m dash champion Jaliyah Elliott [Beloit Memorial, 12.18].

Above 100m dash athletes in the prelims L-R: Candice Enis [Janesville Craig, 5th] and Shynia Summerville [Beloit Memorial, 2nd].

Above 100m dash athletes in the prelims L-R: Hanna Doctor [Middleton, 3rd], Kylie Schmaltz [Verona Area, 4th], and Margot Wulfsberg [Madison Memorial, 6th].

Left: 200m dash champion Jaliyah Elliott from Beloit Memorial. Elliottt was timed in 25.66.

Above 200m dash athletes in the prelims L-R: Yolonda Johnson [Beloit Memorial, 3rd], Shynia Summerville [Beloit Memorial, 2nd], Hanna Doctor [Middleton, 6th], Bobbi Patrick [Middleton, 4th], and Lauren Smith [Middleton, 5th].

Left: 400m runners L-R: Angie Konicek [Sun Prairie, 2nd, 59.90] and champion Bobbi Patrick [Middleton, 58.59].

Below 400m runners L-R: Hanna Doctor [Middleton, 3rd] and Brianna Mitchell [Sun Prairie, 4th].

Above: Start of heat 2 of the 1600m run: Meghan Silbernagel [Madison Memorial], Trista Pringle [Sun Prairie], Maddy Walters [Madison La Follette], Rachel Wians [Middleton], and winner Katie Hietpas [Sun Prairie, 5:11.27].

Left: 1600m winner Katie Hietpas from Sun Prairie,

Above 1600m runners L-R: Rachel Wians [ La Follette, 2nd], Meghan Silbernagel [Madison Memorial, 3rd], Siena Casnova [Madison Memorial, 4th], and Maddy Walters [La Follette, 5th].

Above: The Sun Prairie winning 4x8 relay team [ 9:48.14]

Runners above L-R: Trista Pringle, Katrie Hietpas, Angie Koncek, and anchor Hannah Helstad

Right: Sun Prairie 4x8 anchor Hannah Helstad. Helstad won the 800m championship [2:17.25].

Above: The Middleton winning 4x2 relay team

Teammembers L-R:Hailee Milton, Olivia Roberts, Abbey Webber,and anchor Hanne Andersen-Smith Above left: Middleton 4x2 anchor Hanne Andersen-Smith.

Right: TJ Champion Kaylahn Jones [Madison La Follette [35' 10.50]

Above TJ athletes L-R: Alli Calkins [Janesville craig, 3rd] and Kayla Bauhs [Middleton, 2nd].

Above HH athletes in the prelims L-R: Bre Porter [Janesville Parker, 4th], Chanel Eichelberger [Janesville Parker, 5th], and Europe Christoffel [Verona Area, 6th].

Above TJ athletes L-R: Brecklyn Skaleski [Janesville Parker, 4th], Eva Laun-Smith [Beloit Memorial, 5th], Autumn Gaaillard [Verona Area 5th], and Europe Christoffel [Verona Area, 6th].

Above HH Finals L-R: Eva Laun-Smith [Beloit Memorial, 3rd], Loren Skibba [Middleton, 2nd], and winner Lauren Smith [Middleton, 15.46]

Above pole vault athletes L-R: Laura Skornia [Sun Prairie, tie for 4th], Brecklyn Skaleski [Janesville Parker, tie for 4th], Kristen Rainiero [Janesville Parker, tie for 4th], Taylor Bradley [Sun Prairie, tie for 4th], and Kayla Goetz [Madison Memorial, tie for 2nd].

Left HH Finals L-R: Eva Laun-Smith [Beloit Memorial] and Lauren Smith [Middleton]

Above: Middleton's Loren Skibba in the 100m HH prelims.

Right: PV Champion Courtney Pohlman [Janesville Craig, 10' 00].

Above: Nicole Zimbrick from Verona Area tied for 2nd in the PV.

Holly Houston ~ Madison Memorial

Winner of the discus event [122' 02].

Kiara Cruz ~ Middleton

Winner of the SP event [38' 00.75.

Above SP athletes L-R: Adahja Weathers [Sun Prairie, 5th], Madelin Meglic [Janesville Parker, 4th], Cole Jordee [Middleton, 3rd], and Lacey Cousins [Beloit Memorial, 2nd].

Above: A rabbit that decided to make a tour of the track during the meet was impressive with his exit speed.