Tom Mueller Invitational

Friday, May 16, 2014 at Panther Stadium on the campus of Oregon High School. Results


Division 1 schools Baraboo, Fort Atkinson, Janesville Parker, Milton, Oregon,Stoughton, Sun Prairie and Division 2 schools Lake Mills, Mount Horeb, and Platteville competed at the 45th annual track and field invitational hosted by Oregon High School. Prior to the meet being named after long time coach Tom Mueller [28 years at Oregon as head coach] the meet was called the Panther Invitational. Tom Mueller who was a starter at the meet is shown below right starting the boys 1600m race.

Wisconsin Track Online Feature For 2014

Mount Horeb's Nadia Williams [left~Vikings jersey] a sophomore had a big night winning the 100m and 200m dash events, the LJ, and anchoring the Vikings 4x2 to a win.

Williams is shown on the left with Platteville's Maggie Durni in the 100m dash. Williams was 1st in 12.72 with Durni 2nd in 13.17.

Above 100m dash athletes L-R: Gabrielle Recob [Lake Mills, 3rd], Kiah Ayers [Janesville parker, 4th], Kayleigh Topel [Lake Mills, 5th], and Emily Kieck [Baraboo, 6th].

Above 200m dash athletes in the prelims

L-R: Madisen Niesen [Fort Atkinson, 6th], Lexie Halma [Milton, 5th], Ariauna Robinson [Janesville Parker, 4th[, Kiah Ayers [Janesville Parker, 3rd], Maggie Durni [Platteville, 2nd] and winner Nadia Williams [Mount Horeb, 26.92].

Above 400m athletes in the backstretch L-R:Maria Szalkowski [#8, Mt Horeb, 9th], winner Maddi Lebrun a sophomore from Oregon [59.85], Morgan McCulloch [#7, Janesville Parker, 6th], and Gabriella Recob [#5, Lake Mills, 2nd].

Left: 400m long dash winner Maddie Lebrun [Oregon]. Lebrun's time of 59.85 broke the meet record of 1:00.20 set by Emilie Kay of Platteville in 2007.

Above 400m long dash athletes L-R: Allie Serres [Platteville, 3rd], Gabriella Recob [Lake Mills, 2nd], and Ellie Blake [Sun Prairie, 5th].

Above left: 800m run winner senior Valerie Jones from Oregon [2:16.87]. Jones is pictured at the 2013 State Meet. Jones broke the meet record previously set by former Oregon runner Megan Beers [2007, 2:19.00].

Above center and right: 1600m winner Katie Hietpas [5:13.44] a sophomore from Sun Prairie

Below: Start of the 1600m run

Above 1600m run athletes L-R: Trista Pringle [Sun Prairie, 2nd], Piper Atnip [Mt Horeb, 3rd], Mandy Slaback [Janesville Parker, 4th], Emma Hughes [Oregon, 5th], and Michelle Krause [Milton, 6th].

Left 1600m runners approach the finish line L-R: Megan Milbrath [Mt Horeb, 9th] and Holly Kasper [Platteville, 8th.

Right: 1600m runner Connie Hanson [Oregon, 7th].

Above and right: Sun Prairie junior Tierney Lindner soared to a win the HJ wiith a jump of 5' 08. Lindner is shown on the right making 5' 04 and below clearing 5' 08 [photo from the opposite end zone]. She cleared 5' 08 on her third attempt. Lindner is pictured above concentrating before attempting 5' 10.

Above HJ athletes L-R: Tierney Lindner, Faye Bailie [Platteville, 2nd], Valerie Fischer [Mt Horeb, 7th], and Bryton Nyman [Lake Mills, 6th]. Lindner's jump of 5' 08 broke the meet record of 5' 04 set by Janesville Parker's Shelby Demos in 2007.

Other finishers were Valerie Jones [Oregon, 3rd], Katie Schmidt [Fort Atkinson, 3rd], and Julia Evans [Platteville, 3rd].

Above LJ athletes L-R: Brecklyn Skaleski [Janesville Parker] and Mya Lonnebotn [Stoughton, 6th]. Skaleski finished 2nd in the LJ and 1st [34' 00.00] in the TJ.

Right: LJ winner Nadia Williams [Mt Horeb, 16' 00.50].

Other jumpers were Maeve Fahey [Fort Atkinson, 3rd], Taylor Bradley [Sun Prairie, 4th], and Payton Kahl [Stoughton, 5th].

Above 100m HH finals L-R: Julia Evans [Platteville, 4th], Brea Porter [Janesville Parker, 2nd], winner Emma Bare [Fort Atkinson, 16.25], and Alexa Deutsch [Stoughton, 3rd].

Baraboo ninth grader Josie Schaefer has had one of the two best D1 discus throws so far in the 2014 season. She is shown above in a sequence and also left and right in throws at the Tom Mueller Meet.

Schaefer won the discus competition at Oregon with a best throw of 135' 09. This broke the meet record of 126' 01 set by Wausau West thrower Katy Cihlar in 2013.

Discus photos

by Dan Schaefer

Note: In 1995 Josie's father Dan won the D1 discus Gold Medal at the WIAA State Meet. He had a winning throw of 165' 09. Dan was also a Baraboo student.

Left: 100m HH winner Emma Bare [Fort Atkinson]. Bare posted a 49.08 in the 300m LH to win that event.

Above 100m HH athletes L-0R: Bree Porter [Janesville Parker] and Kiley Eck [Lake Mills, 6th].

Above 100m HH athletes L-R: Alexa Deutsch [Stoughton], Julia Evans [Platteville], and Ruby Carpenter [Oregon, 5th]

Altrhough not pictured it should be noted that the Sun Prairie 4x4 relay team smashed a record that the Sun Prairie 4x4 set in the 2013 meet. The Cardinal 2013 team posted a 4:11.4 to set a Tom Mueller Meet Record. However this years edition of the Cardinal 4x4 set a blistering pace in winning with a time of 4:01.97. Sun Prairie's record setting 4x4 runners were: Briana Mitchell, Hannah Helstad, Ellie Blake, and Tierney Lindner.

Above: Janesville Parker's winning 4x8 Relay Team [10:27.22]. Right : Parker's 4x8 anchor Paiton Foster.

Runners above L-R: Morgan McCulloch, Kaitlyn Foster, Mandy Slaback, and anchor Paiton Foster

Above: The Mount Horeb 4x2 relay team won that event in 1:50.96

Runners above L-R: Valerie Fischer, Jasmine Williams, Sara Viner, and anchor Nadia Williams

Below: 4x2 relay

Above and below: 4x8 relay runners