Wheaton Franciscan Spartan Invite

Wednesday, April 9 2014 at Brookfield East High School. Results


Eleven teams competed at the 39th Annual Lady Spartan Invitational sponsored by Midwest Orthopedic and Wheaton Franciscan Specialty Hospital. Arrowhead won the meet scoring 162 points followed by host Brookfield East, Muskego, and Franklin.

Wisconsin Track Online Feature For 2014

Sophomore Breanna Judkins [below center] from Franklin won the 100m dash in 13.20. She edged Brookfield East's Jasmine Watson by 2/100ths of a second.

100m dash athletes in the finals above L-R: Kathryn Pecha [Franklin, 3rd] and second place finisher Jasmine Watson [Brookfield East].

100m dash athletes in the finals above L-R: Terianna Black [Messmer, 7th] and Mary Bartelson [Arrowhead, 4th] .

200m dash athletes above L-R: Caroline Bong [Arrowhead, 7th], Sierra Fischer [Brookfield East, 3rd] and winner Alisha Harper [Brookfield East, 26.98, 26.74 in prelims].

200m dash athletes above L-R: Jenna Goulet [Arrowhead, 3rd], Courtney Johnson [Waukesha North, 5th], and Brianna Frey [Muskego, 8th].

Above left 400m long dash athletes L-R: Therese Lenling [Arrowhead, 4th], Tori Roecker [Muskego, 6th], Isabel Seidel [University Lake School, 2nd], Morgan Trinko [Franklin, #7], and Naomi Reid-Jordan [Messmer, 3rd].

Above right: 400m winner Jenna Lederman. Lederman is a sophomore from Muskego who posted a 1:00.79.

Above: Backstretch of heat 3 of the 400m long dash

Left: 800m run winner Natalie Schudrowitz [Wauwatosa East, 2:21.30]

Above 800m runners L-R: Payton Wesley [Arrowhead, 2nd], Brynn Bartlett [Arrowhead, 3rd], Ellie Probst [West Allis Nathan Hale, 4th], and Allx Kvasnicka [Brookfield East, 5th].

Above start of heat 2 of the 1600m L-R: Madison Mihaljevic [West Allis Hale], Georgi Llanas [Muskego], Lindsey Govan [Wauwatosa East], Allie Fons [Franklin], Jackie Dubnicka [Arrowhead], and Lea Pateck [Arrowhead].

Above 1600m runners L-R: Third place runner Ally Fons [Franklin, 5:21.96] and second place runner Lea Patek [Arrowhead, 5:18.51]

Right: 1600m winner Jackie Dubnicka [Arrowhead, 5:14.20].

Left: 3200m winner Isabel Seidel [University Lake School, 11:25.95].

Above 3200m runners L-R:Mackenzie Kubik [Arrowhead, 2nd, 11:47.52] and Brianna Mathison [Brookfield East, 3rd].

Above: Muskego winning 4x8 relay [10:00.97] members L-R: Morgan Marek, Leanna Barr, Lexie Tremble, and anchor Jenna Lederman

Below: 4x8 relay runners

Above left and center: 4x2 runners from Muskego. Above right: Brookfield East Head Girls Coach Lisa Foss.

Above the winning 4x1 relay team from Brookfield East L-R: Jasmine Watson, Kelsey Linsmeier, Sierra Fischer, and anchor Jalyn Bryd

Below: Final exchange in the 4x12 relay event. Brookfield East edged Arrowhead 52.49 to 52.55 in the 4x1.

Above 300m LH athletes L-R: Marissa Wendlandt [Muskego, 2nd] and Kathleen Wartman [Arrowhead, 3rd]. Wendlandt was 6th in the 100m HH event.

Right: 300m LH winner Ceanna Soper [Arrowhead].

Above Muskego winning 4x2 relay [1:47.56] team members L-R: Jerica Kotarek, Morgan Kath, Jamie Kvasncka, and anchor Anna Egan

Left: Muskego junior Jerica Kotarak leads off the Muskego 4x2. Kotarak who has the best TJ on the All-Division HR as of April 9, helped the Muskego 4x2 move to the top of the All-Division HR list for that event.

Above: Franklin narrowly edged out Arrowhead for 2nd in the 4x2 race.

Above left and center: Taylor Amann a senior from Arrowhead won the PV with a height of 10' 06. Menomonee Falls senior Samantha Madrzak [above right], was seond on more misses with a height of 10' 06.

Left: Brookfield East's Khadiya Hollingsworth won the HJ [5' 02].

Above left and center: Lauren Kudronowicz from Muskego was 2nd in the HJ [5' 00].

Above right: Ninth grader Eleni Tongas from Brookfield East was 3rd in the HJ [5' 00].

Above 100m HH athletes L-R: Abigail Missiaen [Muskego, 4th], Kelsey Linsmeier [Brookfield East, 5th], and Katie Lepak [Menomonee Falls, 7th]

Left Arrowhead senior Ceanna Soper [in the 100m HH] got her outdoor season off to a good start by winning both hurdle events. Her times [15.95, 46.98] moved her to #2 on the 100m HH HR list and #1 on the 300m LH HR list as of March 9.

Above 100m HH athletesL-R: Melissa Kirchoff [Franklin, 2nd] and Madison Ricciardi [Waukesha North, 3rd].

Above wheelchair athletes L-R: Andi Minster [Franklin] in the 400m long dash and Karyn Burrows [Waukesha North]. Minster won the 100m dash, 400m loing dash, and SP events while Burrows finished 2nd in the 100m dash event.