36th Annual Dan Benson Invite

Friday, April 29, 2016 at Wauwatosa West HS. Results


Above TJ athletes L-R: Sam Benzinger [Whitnall,4t] and Alexus Brown [Milwaukee lutheran, 8th].

Left: Second place in the TJ and LJ went to Bailey Eicher from Cudahy. .

Wisconsin Track Online Feature For 2016

Sun Prairie 4x8 runners: Ellie Blake [far left] and Anchor Kayla Haas [left].

Above: 4x8 relay runners.

Above LJ athletes L-R: Ally Rilling [Homestead, 3rd], Brianna Horton [Wauwatosa West, 4th], Payton Siehr [Sun Prairie, 5th], and Kasy Walker-Daniels [Sun Prairie, 6th].

Above 4x2 relay winners Wauwatosa West [1:48.59]

Team members L-R:

Brianna Horton, Brisbaum Bailey, Breanna Weigman, and anchor Kayla Crump

Above: 4x2 anchors

Wauwatosa West 4x1 relay runners: Brianna Horton [far left], anchor Kayla Crump [left]], and Brisbaum Baiiley handing off to Breanna Weignman.

Above Tosa West's winning 4x1 [49.12]

Teammembers above L-R:

Azya McLin, Mercy Ndon, Breanna Weigman, and anchor Chrei'A Adams

Left: 100m finals L-R: Mercy Ndon [Tosa West, 2nd, 12.65] and winner Azya McLin [Tosa West, 12.46].

Above 100m dash athletes L-R: Natalie Ceelan [Homestead, 3rd], Payton Siehr [Sun Prairie, 4th], and Madison Williams [West Allis Central, 5th].

Left: 400m winner Brianna Mitchell from Sun Prairie [59.07].

Above 400m dash athletes L-R: Katie Wegmann [Homestead, 2nd], Alexis Mielke [Sun Prairie, 5th], and Toni Bonds [Wauwatosa West, 3rd]. Below 400m dash athletes L-R: Savannah Melan [Homestead, 4th], Julia Larson [Tosa West, 6th], and Alexis Mielke [Sun Prairie, 5th].

Thr Trojans of Wauwatosa West hosted Cudahy, Homestead, Milwaukee Lutheran, Shorewood, Sun Prairie, Wauwatosa East, West Allis Central, and Whitnall in the 36th Annual Dan Benson Invite.

Sun Prairie won the meet with 170 1/2 points followed by Homestead, host Wauwatosa West, and Wauwatosa East.

Junior Cheri'A Adams from Wauwatosa West had a busy night. She had three first place finIshes. In the horizontal jumps she posted a 37' 05.50 in the TJ and a 16' 04.50 in the LJ to win those events.

In addition she anchored the winning Tosa West 4x1 and was a runner on West's 3rd place 4x4.

Adams is pictured in the TJ below.

Above: Cheri'A Adams in the LJ event

Left: PV winner Natalie Pfann [Sun Prairie, 10' 00]. Above: 2nd place in the PV went to Alex Radant [Cudahy].

Right: HJ winner Breanna Weigman [Wauwatoisa West, 5' 02].

Above 4x8 relay winner Sun Prairie [9:56.89]

Team members L-R:

Trista Pringle, Ellie Blake, Michaela Nelson, and anchor Kayla Haas

Above: Exchange zone 2 of the 4x1.

Above: Exchange zone 1 of the 4x1

Left: Anchor Cheri'A Adams gets ready to receive the baton from Breanna Weigman.

Above: Homestead 4x1 relay teammembers.

Left: Payton Siehr from Sun Prairie won the 200m dash in 27.24. She is shown in the 100m dash event.

Right: D2 Milwaukee Lutheran's ninth grader Ja'Cey Simmons.

Simmons is in the top 5 on the D2 HR in the 100m and 200m events. She did not run in the Benson meet.

Left: 1600m run winner McKensey Van Wie [Sun Prairie, 5:14.52].

Above 1600m runners L-R: Zanelle Willemse [Homestead, 3rd], Katie Wegmann [Homestead, 2nd], Andrea Mabie [Tosa East, 4th], Maddie Thomson [#5, Sun Prairie,5th], Allie Levin [Homestead, 6th], and Callie Steffan [Cudahy, 8th].

Above and below HH finals L-R: Jasmine Bickerstaff [Whitnall, 2nd, 16.39] and winner Afrika Hamilton [Milwaukee Lutheran, 16.38]

Above 100m HH athletes L-R: Kayla Crump [Tosa West, 3rd], Zoe Schertz [Tosa East, 4th], and Shorewood's LaKeya Glossen [5th].

Above 300m LH athletes L-R: Jasmine Cabunac [Milwaukee Lutheran, 4th], winner Leah Gholson [Homestead, 49.33], Kayla Crump [Tosa West, 3rd], Brianna Horton [Tosa West, 2nd], and Zoe Schertz [Tosa East, 5th].

Trista Pringle

Sun Prairie. 800m winner in 2:24.16 [Shown in the 4x8]

Michaela Nelson

Sun Prairie