2016 Feature Of Wisconsin Track Online

Thursday, April 14, 2016 at Cambridge High School. Results


Albany, Beloit Turner High School, Deerfield High School, Delavan-Darien, Edgerton High School, Evansville High School, Fall River, Johnson Creek High School, Monticello Sugar River [Belleville-New Glarus], and the Wisconsin School for the Deaf competed at Cambridge High School in the annual Bluejay Invitational.

The Beloit Turner team won the meet with 116.50 points followed by Sugar River, Edgerton, and host Cambridge.

The meet which included D1, D2, and D3 schools was held under ideal weather conditions. Coach Sean Currie's Blue Jay team at Cambridge will compete in D2 this season. Last season Cambridge was in the D3 tournament series for track and field.

Wisconsin Track Online Feature For 2016

Abover 100m top 4 finishers L-R: Winner Ashlyn Oren a junior at Edgerton [12.67], Logan Fahey [Sugar River, 4th], Alyssen Noriega [Monticello, 3rd], and Destiny Wash [Turner, 2nd].

Above 100 dash athletes from L-R: Katelyn Miller [Wisconsin School for the Deaf], Karlene Walters [Monticello], and Lucero Uriostegui [Wisconsin School for the Deaf].

Right: 100m HH winner Krista Diaz [Sugar River-Belleville/New Glarus, 16.44].

Above 400m dash athletes L-R: Brittany Kramer [Turner, 2nd], Sydney Cornwell [Evansville, 7th], Ashley Jacobs [Deerfield, 3rd], Katelyn Rosenow [Delavan-Darien, 4th], and Larisa Stauffacher [Albany, 6th].

Above left: 100m HH athlete Jorian Clary [Cambridge, 2nd][. Above right: 100m HH athlete Ashley Himmelmann [Turner, 3rd]

Below the top 4 finishers in the 100m HH L-R: Himmelmann, Clary, Diaz, and Natalie Gould [Edgerton, 4th]

The Beloit Turner 4x1 and 4x2 relay team moved up the HR lists with winning times of 51.71 and 1:51.84

Relay members above L-R:

Lovia Clark, Ashley Himmelmann, Destiny Wash, and Lauryn Ross

Above and below: 4x8 relay runners

Grace Van Gysel

2nd in the SP and Discus

Fall River

Hannah Waggoner

Shot Put Winner 31' 04

Beloit Turner

Daley Wilson [#2] from Beloit Turner won the 400m dash in 1:07.90].

Left: Cambridge senior Sydney Currie won the 1600m in 5:21.54. Sugar River's Noelle Maire [#2] was a close 2nd in 5:23.24.

Above 1600m runners L-R: Erin Sorg [Delavan-Darien, 3rd], Emma Guenther [Albany, 3rd], and Monticello's Abby Wicker [4th].

Left: Deerfield's Reece Matheson anchored the winning 4x8 [10:21.04]. Their time moved to #1 on the D3 4x8 HR list as of Thursday, April 14.

Deerfield 4x8 relay members above L-R:

Maren Jensen, Jessica Jacobs, Ashley Jacobs, and anchor Reece Matheson

Anchors Ross and Reilly ran a highlight 4x1 as Turner edged Edgerton 51.71 to 51.74

Above and below: 4x2 relay runners.

Above: The Turner winning 4x2 relay team: Lovia Clark, Ashley Himmelmann handing off to Destiny Wash, and anchor Lauryn Ross

Above: Exchange zone 1 of the 4x1 relay event

Above: Exchange zone 2 of the 4x1.

Left: Leg 3 runners Lauryn Ross [Turner] and Nikkia Johnson [Edgerton]. Johnson won the 200m dash in 27.24.

Above final exchange in the 4x1 shows Lauryn Ross handing off to Turner anchor Lovia Clark and Nikkia Johnson getting the baton to Edgerton Tider anchor Kathleen Reilly.

Above HJ winner Ashlyn Oren. Oren is shown on the right as she cleared her winning height of 5' 03.

Above HJ athletes L-R: Rachel Gragg [Evansville, 2nd], Amanda Larson [Evansville, 3rd], and Cambridge's Elyssa Stein who finished 4th

Above horizontal jumps athletes L-R: Brianna Robertson [Wisconsin School for the Deaf], Lucero Uriostegui [Wisconsin School for the Deaf], Hannah Miller [Turner, 2nd in the TJ], and Alyssa Klecker [Fall River, 3rd in the TJ].

Above: Elyssa Stein [Cambridge, 5th in the TJ].

Right: TJ winner Madelena Macht from Sugar River [33' 09.25]. Mach is shown in the LJ event.

Right LJ winner Ashlyn Oren [Edgerton, 17' 00.50].

Above LJ athletes L-R: Kathleen Reilly [Edgerton, 3rd] and Jaelyn Gruenberg [Fall River, 2nd, shown in the 100m dash].