12th Annual Demon Invitational

Friday, May 6, 2016 at Burlington High School. Results


Lake Geneva Badger, Beloit Memorial, Franklin, Greendale, Janesville Craig, Janesville Parker, Kenosha Bradford, Milton Milwaukee, Milwaukee Bradley Tech, Milwaukee Pius XI, Racine Case, Racine Horlick, and Waukesha South competed at Burlington High School in the 12th Annual Demon Invitational.

Beloit Memorial won the meet with 104 points followed by Waukesha South, Janesville Parker, and Janesville Craig.

Right: Wheelchair athletes Blanca Casillas [L] from Racine Case and Leah Joslyn [R] from Burlington competed at the meet.

Temperatures were in the low 80's with little wind and clear skies.

Racine Horlick senior Tanesha Davis won the 100m and 200m dash events and anchored the winning 4x1.

Waukesha South sophomore Armoni Brown won both horizontal jump events and senior Bree Porter from Parker won the low and high hurdle races.

The Purple Knights from Beloit Memorial won the 4x8 and 4x4 relays.

Wisconsin Track Online Feature For 2016

Above finals of the 100m dash L-R: Megan Wallace [Burlington, 5th], Jaliyah Elliott [Beloit Memorial, 2nd], winner Tanesha Davis [Racine Horlick, 12.20], Armoni Brown [Waukesha South, 3rd], and Cerriyah Gibbs [Racine Horlick, 4th]. Davis moved to the top of the Week 8 HR list in the 100m dash with her time of 12.20.

Left: Racine Horlick's Tanesha Davis, a senior, won the 100m and 200m [25.70] dash events.

Above wheelchair athletes L-R: Leah Joslyn [Burlington] and Blanca Casillas from Racine Case.

The athletes are shown in the 100m wheelchair dash event.

Joslyn posted wins in the 100m [27.39], 400m [2:05.31], 800m [4:15.38], and shot put [9' 09.00] events.

Below heat 3 of 3 in the 400m dash.

Runners L-R: Am'Bryia Mason [Racine Horlick, 3rd], winner Megan Wallace [Burlington, 1:02.43], Nyla Mathis [Pius XI, 2nd], and Grace Roegner [Beloit Memorial, 4th].

Above: Start of the 1600m race

Left: 1600m run winner Taya Herrera [Waukesha South, 5:27.91].

Above 1600m runners L-R: Peyton Sippy [Janesville Craig, 2nd], Meta Ehlen [Burlington, 3rd], Bailey Cronin [Beloit Memorial, 4th], Maureen Clifford [Badger, 5th], and Sophia Gentille [Kenosha Bradford, 6th].

Left: HH [15.51] and LH [49.15] winner Bree Porter from Janesville Parker. Porter is shown in the 100m HH finals.

Above: Ashlee Miller in the 100m HH [Kenosha Bradford, 2nd].

Below 100m HH athletes from Janesville Craig L-R: Shantae Schumacher [3rd] and Hannah Ronan [4th].

Above 4x8 relay winners from Beloit Memorial [10:28.49]

Runners L-R:

Bailey Cronin, Amya Bessel, Heaven Wells, and anchor Grace Roegner

Above and below: 4x8 relay runners

Above: The Kenosh Bradford posted a 1:42.59 in the 4x2 to move to the top of the D1 HR list for that event

Runners L-R:

Icy Perry, Alexus Nelson, Ashlee Miller, and anchor Madison Marko

Above L-R: Alexus Nelson hands off to Ashlee Miller.

Right: Bradford 4x2 anchor Madison Marko.

Below: 4x2 relay runners.

The Racine Horlick 4x1 quartet won that race in 50.08.

Relay runners above L-R:

Destinee White, Cerriyah Gibbs, Kelsi DeRosier, and anchor Tanesha Davis

Above: The final exchange zone in the 4x1

Below: Anchors Tanesha Davis from Racine Horlick and Jaliyah Elliott from Beloit Memorial race to the finish line

Horlick was timed in 50.08 and Beloit posted a 50.23

Above: Waukesha South sophomore Armoni Brown saved her best for last as she soared 38' 03 on her last jump to win the TJ event.

The jump above was 35' 11.75.

Left: Evan Laun-Smith [Beloit Memorial was 2nd in the TJ with a distance of 37' 01.

Above TJ athletes L-R: Kaitlin Bartlett [Racine Case, 3rd], Hannah Johansen [Racine Case, 4th], and Abby Garsow [Beloit Memorial, 5th].

Left: LJ winner [shown in the TJ warmups] Armoni Brown [Waukesha South, 18' 08.00].

Above LJ athletes L-R: Elyse Acompanado [Pius XI, 2nd], Eva Laun-Smith [Beloit Memroial, 3rd], and Emma Fettig [Burlington, 4th].

Above: Senior Sydney Collins from Lake Geneva Badger won the HJ [5' 03]. Her winning jump is shown above.

Above HJ athletes L-R: Meta Ehlen [Burlington, 2nd], Raevin Peek [Beloit Memorial, 3rd], Katie Chesboro [Milton, 4th], and Hannah Johansen [Racine Case, 5th].

Above: Wheelchair athlete Leah Joslyn in the 400m race.

Right: A student from Ms Saidler's Algebra 2 Trig class at Racine Park preps for the Monday assignment between her events.