Janesville Craig Big '8' Triple Dual

Tuesday, April 18, 2016 at Janesville's Monterey Stadium


Madison Memorial and Middleton competed along with host Janesville Craig at a Big ' 8' Conference Triple Dual.

Craig 80, Memorial 57;

Middleton 80, Craig 50, and

Middleton 101, Memorial 46.

Madison Memorial's Holly Houston [left] had a discus throw of 143' 00 and Middleton's Sam Valentine sped to a 2:16.04 [Adjusted for hand held timing] win in the 800m run to highlight performances at Janesville's Monterey Stadium.

Houston's throw shown on the left was 126' 04.

The Wisconsin weather did an about face. After sunny skies and temperatures in the low 80's on Monday, Tuesdays meet was run in a light rain, dark overcast skies, and temperatures in the low 50'.

Below left: Kiara Cruz [Middleton].

Below center: Harley Nielson [Janesville Craig].

Below right: Brook Walser [Middleton].

Wisconsin Track Online Feature For 2016

100m Dash athletes

100m winner Betsy Hathaway [Middleton, 12.9 HHT-->13.14] .

100m HH winner Shantae Schumacher [Janesville Craig, 16.44 HHT-->16.74]

100m HH athletes

Left: 400m dash winner Milena Martin [Middleton, 1:03.94adjusted]. Above center: 400m runner T. Tietz [Middleton, 2nd].

Above right: Middleton 400m dash athletes L-R: Hadley Braeten [3rd] and Maggie Go.

Above 1600m runners L-R: Morgan Eder [2nd] and Iris Ohlrogge [3rd].

Left: 1600m winner Elizabeth Pansegrau [5:53.46 HHT-->5:53.74].

Madison Memorials winning 4x8 [11:11.42 HHT-->11:.11.74]

Runners L-R:

Allison Blanchard, Abby Wilson, Anna Wiiliams, and anchor Corra Griffin

Above and left: 4x8 runners

Above: Final exchange in the 4x1

Below: Exchange zone 1 [left] and exchange zone 2 [right]

Middleton won the 4x2 in 1:52.44 [1:52.74 adjusted]

Runners L-R:

Autumn Delaney, Jennifer McGinnis, Celia Mayne, and anchor Hailee Milton

Above and below: 4x2 relay runners. Above right: Anchors Hailee Milton [Middleton] and Delaney Scheonenberger [Janesville Craig]

Janesville Craig won the 4x1 in 53.09 [51.34 adjusted]

Runners L-R:

De'Ja Calvin, Sierra Gorman, Kyla Gates, and anchor Shantae Schumacher

Above: PV winner Madeline Pflasterer-Jennerjohn [Middleton, 9' 06].

Right: Madison Memorial vaulter Dani Farr [3rd] vaults as her teammates look on.