Red Bird Invitational At Darlington

Monday, May 9, 2016 at Darlington High School. Results


Albany, Belmont, Benton-Scales Mound-Shullsburg, Black Hawk, Cassville, Cuba City, Dodgeville/Mineral Point, Monroe, Pecatonica, and Potosi competed at Martens Field on the campus of Darlington High School.

Benton-Scales Mound-Shullsburg won the Red Bird Invitational with 122,5 points followed by Cuba City [112 pts], host Darlington, and Monroe.

Multiple winners were senior Kaitlyn Kaiser from Cuba City [100, 200, and LJ], Emma Lawrence [HH, LH, anchor of the 4x2] a sophomore from Benton-Scales Mound-Shullsburg, and the Darlington 4x4 and 4x8 relay teams.

Wisconsin Track Online Feature For 2016

Above 100m dash finals L-R: Paige Murphy [BSMS, 2nd in 12.67 HHT==>12.94], winner Kaitlyn Kaiser [Cuba City, 12.46 HH==>12.74], Ally Hansen [BSMS, 4th], and Mykenzie Vaassen [Cuba City, 3rd].

Left: 100m and 300m hurdle winner Emma Lawrence [BSMS, 16.45 HHT==>16.74, 49.19==>49.44]. Hurdle photo from the 100m HH event.

Above 100m HH atlhetes L-R: Katie Pingel [BSMS, 2nd], Maggie Schmitz [Potosi, 4th], and Bailie Becwar [Cassville, 3rd].

Anchors Emma Lawrence [Benton-Scales Mound-Shullsburg] and Kaitlyn Kaiser [Cuba City] approach the finish line. BSMS won with a time of 1:50.42 while the Cubans finished in 1:50.89.

Throw the dice and you get the weather in Wisconsin. After a great Mothers Day weekend the cold returned along with periodic driving rain showers. However Wisconsin athletes take that in stride and continue to compete. The BSMS 4x2 winning relay team took a brief break to share an umbrella.

Team members L-R:

Paige Murphy, Payton Bastian, Ally Jansen, and anchor Emma Lawrence

Above left: Emma Lawrence [BSMS, 2nd in the TJ].

Above right: Alicia Kuester [Monroe, 3rd in the TJ].

Right: TJ winner Katie Pingel from BSMS [34' 04.50] .

Above left: LJ winner Kaitlyn Kaiser [Cuba City]. Her winning jump is pictured above left [17' 09.50]. Above right: SP winner Camry Fields [34' 07.25].

Above 4x2 relay runners L-R: BSMS runners Ally Jansen and Payton Bastian, Kaylee Meyers [Darlington leadoff runner], and Cuba City leadoff runner Maizee Splinter.

Left 4x2 relay anchor Madelyn Kruser from Potosi.

Right 4x2 runners from Pecatonica/Argyle L-R: Antonia Beranek and Montana Wojtkunski.

Above the Redbirds from Darlington won the 4x8 relay. The team posted a new season PR of 10:44.50.

Above left: Ilse Mendez. Above right: Anchor Jaci Moseley.

Teammembers above L-R:

Erin Wolf, Paige Schilling, Ilse Mendez, and anchor Jaci Moseley

Below: 4x8 relay runners

Horizontal jump athletes L-R: Mykenzie Meyers [Cuba City, 3rd in the LJ], Brinley Wood [Cuba City, 5th in the LJ], and Payton Bastian [BSMS, 4th in the TJ].

Cuba City's Maizee Splinter won the HJ with a best height of 5' 00.

Above HJ athletes L-R: Trinity Law [BSMS, 3rd] and Taetum Pagel [Pecatonica/Argyle, 2nd].

Left: 200m winner Kaitlyn Kaiser [Cuba City, 26.56 HHT==>26.84].

Above 200m dash athletes L-R: Elizabeth Tisch [Pecatonica/Argyle, 3rd], Madison Peters [Albany, 4th], Lindsey Walton [BSMS, 6th], and Madelyn Kruser [Potosi, 5th].

Note-all 200m dash photos are from the prelims

Far left: 400m winner Josie Penniston [Pecatonica/Argyle, [Pecatonica/Argyle, 1:01.14 HHT==>1:01.44]. Penniston is shown in the 200m prelims. She was 2nd in the 200m finals.
eft: 1600m run winner Ciara Kaderly [Albany, 5:44.42 HHT==>5:44.74].
Above 1600m runners L-R: Reghan Komprood [Darlington, 2nd] and Emma Guenther [Albany, 3rd].

Left 1600m runners: Sydnee Woyak [Albany, 4th] and Cassie McGraw [Dodgeville/Mineral Point, 5th].

Right: Emma Crist from Darlington was 6th in the 1600m run.