2016 Madison City Indoor Meet

Saturday, March 26, 2016 at the 'Shell' at UW-Madison. Results


Coach Joe Frontier's Spartans from Madison Memorial won the City Indoor Championship as Madison Memorial outpointed Madison La Follette 84-75. Memorial and La Follette along with Madison East, Madison West , and Madison Edgewood competed at the Camp Randall Memorial Sports Center which is often called 'The Shell.'

Wisconsin Track Online Feature For 2016

Above left: Regina Moran [Edgewood, 4th in the SP]. Above right and right: SP winner Holly Houston [Memorial, 34' 03].

Below left: Second place in the SP went to Daria Murawski [Edgewood]. Below right: West thrower Nanceny Fanny was 5th.

Left: LJ winner Hazel Freiberg [La Follette, 16' 03.25].

Above left: Kiara Lee [La Follette, 2nd].

Above right: Julana Davis Webb [Memorial, 3rd].

Left and above: HJ winner Quinn Buob [Madison East, 4' 09]

Above left and center LJ athletes L-R: Aleena Ali [Madison East] and KJ Morgan [La Follette]. Above right: La Follette HJ athlete Narik Riak.

Left: PV winner Celia Ramsey [Madison East, 7' 06].

Above center: Kaylin Eder [La Follette, 2nd]. Above right: Alexandra Lawrence [La Follette, 3rd].

Above: Finals of the 55m dash

Runners L-R: Lizzie Goodwin [Edgewood, 8th], Caitlin Link [Edgewood, 5th], Mikaela Miller [Memorial, 2ndh], Brooke Rockouski [Edgewood, 3rd], winner Riley Larson [East, 7.778, 7.68 prelims], Seleata McDonald [La Follette, 4th], Isha Senghore [West, 7th], and KJ Morgan [La Follette, 6th].

Below:The top 4 dash finishers approach the finish line

Above: 55m prelims Caitlin Link [L] and Riley Larson [R]

Right: 55m HH winner Montana Cruz [La Follette, 10.25]

Above 400m runners L-R: Kavlin Eder [La Follette, 3rd], Kizzie Goodwin [Edgewood, 5th], Kate Hettenbach [West, 4th], and second place finisher Taylor Lyon from West.

Right: 400m winner Caitlin Link [Edgewood, 1:02.43].

Start of the 1600m race L-R: Mae Jaeger [La Follette,5th], Katia Wanish [West, 4th], Ellen Muerling [Memorial, 3rd], Vivian Hacker [West, 2nd], and winner Izzy Owca from Memorial [5:39.25]

Above 1600m runners L-R: Ellen Meuring, Viviasn Hacker, and Izzy Owca

The La Follette Lancer 4x2 won that event in 1:54.67 on the 200m track at the Camp Randall Memorial Sports Center

Relay runners L-R: Alex Lawrence, Khersa Morgan, Montana Cruz, and anchor Seleata McDonald

4x2 relay exchanges L-R: La Follette's Khersa Morgan hands off to Montana Cruz, Kelly Elmes hands off to Memorial teammate Samantha Caldicourt, Caldicourt hands off to anchor Juliana Davis Webb, and Cruz hands off to La Follette anchor Seleata McDonald.