Reedsville Co-Ed Invitational

Saturday, April 16, 2016 at Reedsville HS. Results


The Reedsville Panthers [D3] hosted Elkhart Lake-Glenbeulah [D3], Hilbert-Stockridge [D3], Kiel [D2], Kohler [D2], Manitowoc Lutheran [D3], Manitowoc Roncalli [D2] at the Reedsville Middle School and the Reedsville athletic complex.

Kiel scored 172 points for the team title. Manitowoc Luther, Roncalli, and Host Reedsville followed.

An upside to smaller schools is the number of activities that students participate in. However sometimes conflicts occur. For instance Hilbert was missing 12 athletes who were participating in the State Forensics Meet.

Right: Junior Faith Lubner who won three Gold Medals at the 2015 State Meet won both hurdle events at the Reedsville Invitational. She is shown in the 100m HH finals [16.49].

Wisconsin Track Online Feature For 2016

Above 100m dash athletes L-R: AnnLeah Jones, Megan Sprinkman, and Camrie Schmitz.

Right: Senior Brittany Jaeger from Kiel. Jaeger also won the 200m dash in 26.92.

In the 200m dash Schmitz was 2nd, Sprinkman 3rd, and Zahorik 4th.

Above 100m HH athletes L-R: Sonia Schubert [Elkhart Lake-Glenbeulah, 2], and Manitowoc Roncalli teammates Jenna Erickson [4th] and Abby Jirikowic [3rd].

Left: Kiel's Addison Dahmer [1:02.81] and Manitowoc's Anna Menges [1:02.84] in a close race to the finish in the 400m dash.

Above: Schmitz, Dahmer and Menges round the final turn in the 400m dash. Dahmer also won the 800m run in 2:44.45.

Above backstretch of the 400m dash L-R: Josie Binversie [#6, Kiel, 5th], Mariah Zahn [#7, Roncalli, 7th], Camrie Schmitz [Elkhart Lake-Glenbeulah, 3rd], Jenny Grajek [#8, Roncalli, 9th], and winner Addison Dahmer [Kiel, 1:02.81].

Above: 4x8 relay runners

Above start of the 1600m race L-R: Jenna Silvestri [Kohler], Heather LeClair [Roncalli], Madie Kutz [Manitowoc Luther], Melissa Baroun [Reedsville], Madie Kutz [Manitowoc Luther], Grace Vogt [Manitowoc Luther], Kathy Moritz [Kiel], LaNea Bartel [ Roncalli], and winner Alyssa Griswold [Kohler, 5:57.62].

Above 1600m runners L-R: Grace Vogt [Mantirowoc Luther, 3rd] and LaNea Bartel [Roncalli, 2nd].

Right: 1600m winner Alyssa Griswold a senior from Kohler.

Above the 4x8 team from Kiel won that race in 10:39.68. Teammembers L-R:

Lia Noordyk, Josie Binversie, Peyton Koppenhaver, and anchor Rachel Halbach

Above right: Anchor Rachel Halbach from Kiel

Above: 4x8 relay runners

Above the Kiel winning 4x2 relay team L-R:

Sara Winkel, Kelsey Maurer, Eliza Field, and anchor Kayla Lallensack

Above: Sonia Schubert leg 1 runner for Elkhart Lake-Glenbeulah gets the baton to teammate Mia Rentmeester.

Left: Kiel won the 4x1 in 53.39. Kiel anchor Brittany Jaeger is shown after the final exchange from teammate Eliza Field.

Above left: 4x2 anchors Emma Dewane [Manitowoc Luther] and Kayla Lallensack [Kiel]. Above right: Kiel 4x2 runner Eliza Field getting the baton from leg 2 runner Kelsey Maurer.

Above: Second exchange zone in the 4x1 relay race.

Left: Shot put winner Heather Beil from Hilbert [36' 01.75].

Beil also won the discus event with a throw of 108' 11.

Above Heather Beil reviews her throws after the event with Hilbert Head Boys and Girls Coach Mike Breckheimer.

Above SP athletes L-R: Cassie Schweitzer [Kiel, 2nd], Bethanie Ebben [Reedsville, 3rd], and Alyssa Knier [Reedsville, 4th].

Above LJ winner Sonia Schubert from Elkhart Lake-Glenbeulah [16' 10.00].

Above LJ athletes L-R: Faith Lubner [Reedsville, 2nd], Emma Dewane [Manitowoc Luther, 3rd], and Anna Menges [Manitowoc Luther 4th].

Left: HJ winner Taylor Bushke [Kiel, 4' 08].

Above HJ athletes L-R: Kelsey Mauer [Kiel, 2nd] and Erika Schwalbe [Manitowoc Luther, 3rd].

Above PV athletes L-R: Jenna Vande Hey [Hilbert, 4th], Marie Wedepohl [Reedsville, 3rd], and Lydia Arnoldussen [Hilbert, 2nd].

Right: Pole vault winner Kelly Jacoby [Roncalli, 7' 06].

Above 300m LH athletes L-R: Sonia Schubert [Elkhart Lake-Glenbeulah, 2nd], winner Faith Lubner [Reedsville, 49..06] and Lita Noordyk [Kiel, 3rd]

Above 100m dash finals L-R: Katie Grant [Roncalli, 8th], Jenna Zahorik [Reedsville, 6th], Megan Sprinkman [Kohler, 3rd], Camrie Schmitz [Elkhart Lake-Glenbeulah, 2nd], winner Brittany Jaeger [Kiel, 13.12], Emma Dewane [Manitowoc Luther], 5th], AnnLeah Jones [Hilbert], and Eliza Field [Kiel, 7th].

Left:: Kohler 4x1 anchor Megan Sprinkman.

Right: Elkhart Lake-Glenbeulah 4x1 anchor Jessica Mehre.