Beloit Memorial's Raevin Peek To Attend The University Of Dubuque

Raevin Peek in the HJ: Above left-Big 8 Meet 2014. Above right: WIAA Sectional 2015

Raevin Peek will attend The University of Dubuque and compete in field events for the spartans


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Athlete: Raevin Peek

High School: Beloit Memorial

Division: 1

Plans 2016-17: The University of Dubuque

Events: High Jump and sprint relay events

Raevin Peek: Big Eight Meet 2014

Raevin Peek Highlights

2013 Big Eight Conference Meet: Third place in the HJ and runner on 7th place 4x1.

2014 Big Eight Conference Meet: Runner on 3rd place 4x2 and 8th place in the HJ.

2015 Big Eight Conference Meet: Second place in the HJ, runner on the 5th place 4x2 and 4x4, and runner on the6th place 4x1.

2013 WIAA State Meet Championships: 21st in the HJ.

2014 WIAA State Meet Championships: Runner on 10th place 4x1 relay team.

2015 WIAA State Meet Championships: 13th place in the HJ.