First Annual Sun Prairie Invitational

Friday, April 22, 2016 at Sun Prairie High School. Results


A dreary weather forecast did a 180 and gave Sun Prairie's first ever invitational a great night for a track and field meet. The Cardinals of Sun Prairie known as a football power might have to give way to a new "Friday Night Lights" tradition as the track teams from Sun Prairie hosted a meet that included Brookfield East, Madison East, Dodgeville/Mineral Point, Jefferson, Kimberly (girls only), Madison La Follette, Mount Horeb, Oshkosh West, Pewaukee, Verona Area, and Wauwatosa West. Being a first year meet all events established a meet record.

The host Cardinals directed by head boys and girls coach Doug Maughan who have over 150 girls out for track and field won the meet with 118.33 points followed closely by Brookfield East, Jefferson, and Kimberly.

Wisconsin Track Online Feature For 2016

AboveL LJ winner Mikaela Grant a senior from Jefferson sailed 17' 11 on her first jump in trials. That distance held up for the win beating second place finisher Tyra Turner by 3/4 of an inch. Grant had perfect placement on the board [above center].

Above LJ athletes L-R: Tyra Turner [Madison La Follette, 2nd], Allie Bullen [Brookfield East, 3rd], Sydney Staver [Dodgeville/Mineral Point, 4th], and Adrienne Lewis [Kimberly, 5th].

Above LJ athletes L-R: Parker Buske [Madison East, 6th], Angela Schmidt [Brookfield East, 7th], and Makenzie Ward [Kimberly, 9th].

Right: Triple jump winner Kiara Lee a ninth grader from Madison La Follette won that event with a distance of 34' 06.00. Lee finished 8th in the LJ competition. The photo of Lee is from the LJ competition.

Above SP athletes L-R: Lizzy Caggle [Brookfield East, 2nd], Emily Stendel [Jefferson, 3rd], and Mel Hanson [Mount Horeb, 4th]

Above 400m dash athletes L-R: Sierra Fischer [Brookfield East, 5th], Jenna Kiraly [Oshkosh West, 2nd], winner Emily Breider [Brookfield East, 1:00.09], and Hailey Ruplinger [Kimberly, 3rd]. Ruplinger later came back to win the 800m run in 2:26.81.

Above and below: 4x8 relay runners

The Verona Area 4x1 and 4x2 relays teams won those events in 51.68 and 1:47.13

Relay members of the 4x1 and 4x2 [shown L-R:

Emelia Lichty, Kylie Schmaltz, Lexi Alt, and anchor Sie'anna Mitchell

Right: 4x1 and 4x2 anchor Sie'anna Mitchell.

Above: 4x2 relay runners

Far left: HJ winner Eleni Tongas [Brookfield East, 5' 02]. Left: Brianna Weigmann from Wauwatosa West was 2nd in the HJ [5' 02].

Above HJ athletes L-R: Kailey Olson [Verona Area, 3rd] and Maggie Cartwright [Kimberly, 4th].

Left: SP winner Adahja Weathers [Sun Prairie, 40' 03].

Weathers is shown above with Sun Prairie assistant throws coach Robert Johnson.

Left: Discus winner Emily Stendel [Jefferson, 124' 06] is shown in the SP competition.

Above SP athletes L-R: Natalie Rouse [Brookfield East, 6th] and Alexa Gabel [Mount Horeb, 7th].

Above finals of the 100m dash L-R: Sierra Fischer [Brookfield East, 8th], Payton Siehr [Sun Prairie, 4th], Tyra Turner [Madison La Follette, 5th], winner Jasmine Williams [Mount Horeb, 12.88], Brianna Weigmann [Wauwatosa West, 2nd], Emily Breider [Brookfield East, 4rd], Abby Gerrits [Pewaukee, 6th], Parker Buske [Madison East, 7th], and Megan Best [Oshkosh West, 9th].

Above 100m dash athletes L-R: Abby Gerrits, Emily Brieder, and Brianna Weigmann.

Right: 100m dash winner Jasmine Williams a senior from Mount Horeb.

Left: 200m winner Riley Larson [Madison East, 26.88]. 200m photos from the prelims.

Above center 200m dash athletes L-R: Brianna Mitchell [Sun Prairie, 2nd] and Jenna Kiraly [Oshkosh West, 3rd].

Above right: 400m dash athlete Olivia Eisch [Kimberly, 4th].

Above: Start of the 1600m race

Left and above 1600m runners L-R: McKensey Van Wie [Sun Prairie, 2nd], winner Carissa Weyenberg [Kimberly, 5:11.50], Trista Pringle [Sun Prairie, 3rd], Sarah Werking [Brookfield East, 4th], and Cali Linse [Jefferson, 5th]. Linse was 2nd in the 800m run.

Above finals of the 100m HH event L-R: Calayah Thomas [Oshkosh West, 4th], Emily Hottinger [Jefferson, 8th], Carly Coulthart [Sun Prairie, 2nd], Mikaela Grant [Jefferson, 3rd], and winner Allie Bullen [Brookfield East,15.87]. Coulthart was timed in 15.90.

Left: Allie Bullen [Brookfield East].

Above left: Carly Coulthart [Sun Prairie].

Above right: Calayah Thomas [Oshkosh West].

Left: Mikaela Grant is the defending WIAA D2 300m LH Champion and record holder.

She won the 300m LH in 47.35. Photo from the 100m HH event prelims.

Dodgeville/Mineral Point won the 4x8 relay event in 10:09.19.

Relay members above L-R:

Hannah Tremelling, Brittany Rhyner, Sydney Judd, and anchor Kennedy Stumpf

Above: Start of the 4x8 relay race

Right 1600m runners L-R:

Kaylan Marshall [Sun Prairie, 8th], Ashyton Johnson [Kimberly, 7th], and Sophie Desidero [Pewaukee, 6th].

Above left: McKensey Van Wie who won the 3200m [11:08.71] is shown in the 1600m run.

Right: Carissa Weyenberg.