Friday, June 3 and Saturday, June 4, 2016: Veterans Memorial Field @ UW-La Crosse. Results D1 D2 D3 WC


Left: Ninth grader Brooke Jaworski from Wausau West wasted no time establishing her track and field high school resume when she broke the 400m dash record by posting a 54.33 in the finals.

This broke the 400m dash record set last year by Monona Grove's Gabby Beauvais [54.82]. Jaworksi is pictured on the left and right.

All photographs unless otherwise noted by Dave Figi ~ Wisconsin Track Online

Above 400m runners in the prelims L-R: Kiersten Walker, Brook Jaworski, Bianca Stubler, and Alysum Weum.

Left: Milwaukee Rufus King's Kiersten Walker [5th]. Right: Mukwonago's Grace Harris was 6th in the 400m dash.

Above 400m dash athletes L-R: Rachel Bottum [East Troy, 5th], Brooke Wellhausen [Big Foot, 6th], and Gold Medal Winner Abbey Zastrow

Above 400m dash athlets L-R: Abbey Engel [Cochrane-Fountain City, 6th] and Josie Penniston [Pecatonica/Argye, 5th].

Left: Gold Medal winner Autumn Wickman a senior from Athens.

Finals of the D3 100m dash L-R: Sierra Hetrick [Alma/Pepin, 7th], Breanne Marchan [Wild Rose, 5th], Dakota Butzler [Rio, 8th], Delia Labatt [Grantsburg, 3rd], Gold Medal winner Taylor Juresh [Royall, 12.80], Kaitlyn Kaiser [Cuba City, 4th], Beverly Perry [Hope School, 9th], Olivia Costley [Fall Creek, 10th], and Alexandra Hutchison [Columbus Catholic, 2nd].

Left 200m dash athletes L-R: Champion Brooke Jaworski [24.77], Grace Hartman [Wisconsin Rapids, 4th], and Kaitlyn Jackson [Whitefish Bay, 6th].

Above 200m dash athletes L-R: Kiersten Walker [Milwaukee Rufus King, 2nd], Nadia Williams [Mount Horeb, 3rd], and Racine Horlick's Tanesha Davis [5th].

Above finals of the 100m dash L-R: Jaliyah Elliott [Beloit Memorial, 5th], Cheri'A Adams [Wauwatosa West, 10th], Gold Medal winner Tanesha Davis [Racine Horlick, 12.29], Nadia Williams [Mount Horeb, 6th], Silver Medal winner Makayla Jackson [Milwaukee Rufus King], and Lexi Romero [Brookfield Central, 7th].

Left 100m runners L-R: Azya McLin [Wauwatosa West, 3rd], Annalise Peebles [Appleton North, 4th], and Nadia Williams [Mount Horeb, 6th].

Above: Adams, Davis, and Williams in the 200m prelims.

Finals of the 100m dash L-R: Maddy Pietz [Wittenberg-Birnamwood, 2nd], champion Ja' Cey Simmons a ninth grader from Milwaukee Lutheran [12.25], Brittany Jaeger [Kiel, 4th], Ripon's Dana Caudill [3rd], and Yu T Chen [Mayville,7th].

Left: Ja' Cey Simmons in the 100m dash.

Above 100m dash athletes L-R: Janiya Jones [Wisconsin Lutheran, 5th] and Brittany Broome [McFarland, 6th].

Above finals of the D2 200m dash L-R: Brittany Broome, Catholic Memorial's Maddy Rondeau [4th], Madddy Pietz [Wittenberg-Birnamwood, 2nd], winner Ja' cey Simmons [24.91 in finals], Abbey Zastrow [Arcadia,3rd], Madee Harding [Brodhead/Juda, 5th], Lydia Ulrich, and Northland Pine's Gabby Herfindahl [9th].

The 2011 200m D2 Dash Record of 24.64 set by Whitefish Bay Dominican runner Deysha Smith-Jenkins fell in the 200m prelims [left] when Ja' Cey Simmons posted a 24.63.

Simmons is shown above in the prelims with Lydia Ulrich [Lakeside Lutheran, 8th in finals] and McFarland's Brittany Broome [6th in finals]

Left: 400m dash winner Abbey Zastrow a junior from Arcadia [56.86].

Above 400m dash athletes L-R: Sydney Currie [Cambridge, 2nd], Kendall Zeman [Bloomer, 3rd], and Madee Harding [Breodhead/Juda, 4th].

Left 200m dash athletes in the finals L-R: Labatt, Perry, the winner Royall's Juresh, and Kaiser.

Above: Alexandra Hutchison.

Above D3 200m runners round the turn L-R: Josie Penniston [Pecatonica/Argyle, 6th], Taylor Juresh [Royall, 4th], Autumn Wickman [Athens, 2nd], repeat champion Alexandra Hutchison [Columbus Catholic, 25.06], Delia Labatt [Grantsburg,3rd], Makaylee Kuhn [Hilbert/Stockbridge, 5th], Julianne Barkholtz [Newman Catholic, 6th], and Kelly Aldrich [Catholic Central, 8th].

Left: Three time gold Medal winner in the D3 200m dash Alexandra Hutchison from Columbus Catholic.

Below: Wickman, Hutchison, and Labatt on the medal stand. All three athletes are seniors.

Above finals of the D3 400m dash L-R: Makaylee Kuhn [Hilbert/Stockbridge, 3rd], Delia Labatt [Grantsburg, 4th], champion Autumn Wickmman [Athens, 56.45], and Cadott's Elizabeth Kyes [2nd].

Above 400m dash athletes L-R: Gold medal winner Brook Jaworski, Bronze Medalist Alyson Weum [Stoughton], Val Larson [4th, DeForest], Jaworksi, and Hamilton junior Bianca Stubler who won the Silver Medal with a time of 55.38

Above 400m dash athletes L-R: Bianca Stubler [Hamilton, 2nd, 55.38], new record holder Brooke Jaworski [Wausau West, 54.33], and third place finisher Alysum Weum [Stoughton [56.34]. All three runners return for the 2017 season.