Friday, June 3 and Saturday, June 4, 2016: Veterans Memorial Field @ UW-La Crosse. Results Results D1 D2 D3 WC


All photographs unless otherwise noted by Dave Figi ~ Wisconsin Track Online

Catholic Central senior Lauren Reesman [above] had a great two days at La Crosse. She set a record in the SP and won the 100m dash, 400m dash, and 800m run wheelchair events.

Start of the 100m Wheelchair race

Midrace of the 100m Wheelchair Event L-R: Leah Joslyn [Burlington], Ally Lehmann [Chippewa Falls ], and Lauren Reesman [#4, Catholic Central]

Medalist in the 100m wheelchair dash event L-R: Blanca Casillas [Racine Case], Leah Joslyn [Burlington], winner Lauren Reesman [Burlington Catholic Central], and Ally Lehmann [Chippewa Falls].

Lauren Reesman [Burlington Catholic Central]

Leah Joslyn [Burlington]

Ally Lehmann [Chippewa Falls]

Blanca Casillas [Racine Case]

Shot Put Medalists L-R: Leah Joslyn [Chippewa Falls, 2nd], Lauren Reesman Champion from Catholic Central with a throw of 15' 03.50, and Ally Lehmann [Chipewa Falls, 3rd]. Reesman's throw of 15' 03.00 set a new Shot Put Wheelchair record. This broke the record of 13' 11.00 that Reesman set at the 2015 State Meet.