WIAA D1 Sectional At Watertown

Thursday, may 26, 2016 at Watertown High School. Results


Coach Chris Mertens and his Watertown staff hosated a D1 Sectional Meet hosting teams from the Germantown [Germantown, Homestead, Milwaukee King, Milwaukee North, Milwaukee Riverside University, Milwaukee Samuel Morse. Marshall / Languages / Carmen North, Nicolet, and Whitefish Bay] and Menomonee Falls [Arrowhead, Hamilton, Menomonee Falls, Milwaukee Madison University, Milwaukee Vincent/Destiny, Oconomowoc, Pewaukee, and Watertown] D1 WIAA Regionals.

Athletes and relay teams competed for one of the three qualifying spots in each event which would earn them a chance to compete at the WIAA State Meet in La Crosse June 3-4.

In the team competition Arrowhead edged Milwaukee Rufus King 108 to 102 followed by Hamilton, Germantown, Whitefish Bay, and host Watertown.

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Wisconsin Track Online Feature For 2016

Above 100m HH L-R: Meghan Joyner [Hamilton, 3rd], Leah Gholson [Homestead, 5th], winner Siarah Jones [Milwaukee Rufus King, 14.90], Destiny Huven [Nicolet, 2nd], and Maddie Hemmer [Arrowhead, 4th].

Sportsmanship and all-out efforts by athletes in reaching their potential was much in evidence at the meet. In the 3200m finish shown above Sami Stieve [Germantown] edged out Allie Levine [Homestead] by 7/100ths of a second to finish 7th. However both athletes are winners and make the sport of track and field very rewarding for fans and coaches.

Above: 4x8 relay runners.

Above 4x8 finishes were razor thin with Homestead finishing 1st and Hamilton 3rd. Hamilton's time was 1/100ths of a second better than the Germantown time in the 4x8.

Left: SP winner Alyssa Rivest [Watertown, 38' 08.75].

Above: Alexis Maas from Watertown was 4th in the SP.

100m HH qualifiers

Left: Siarah Jones. Above L-R.: Ninth grader Destiny Huven and Meghan Joyner.

Above 100m dash L-R: Alyssa Hinchcliffe [Watertown, 4th], Kaitlyn Jackson [Whitefish Bay, 2nd], winner Makayla Jackson a ninth grader from Milwaukee Rufus King [12.32], and Jada Jones [Menomonee Falls, 3rd].

Above 200m dash athletes L-R: Winner Kaitlyn Jackson [Whitefish Bay, 25.08], Kiersten Walker [Milwaukee Rufus King, 2nd], Abby Gerrits [Pewaukee, 4th], and Watertown sprinter Kylie Jacobs who finished 3rd..

Above: Watertown head coach Chris Mertens watches one of his athletes Kylie Jacobs qualify for the State Meet in the 200m dash.

Above left 400m dash athletes head into the straightaway L-R: Kiersten Walker [Milwaukee Rufus King, 2nd], winner Bianca Stubler [Hamilton, 56.07], Kayla Vogt [Arrowhead, 4th], and Kaitlyn Jackson [Whitefish Bay, 3rd]. Above right: Stubler and Walker with 50 meters to go.

Above: Defending State Champion and record holder in the 800m run Camille Davre a junior from Whitefish Bay. Davre posted a 2:14.68 to win the 800m event .

Left: 3rd place finisher in the 800m run Alyssa Goesch from Germantown.

Right 800m runners: Brynn Bartlett [#6, Arrowead, 5th place] and Maddie Lee [#4, Oconomowoc, 2nd].

Above left showing the early part of the 1600m run L-R: Sophie Desidero [Pewaukee, 8th], Megan Olshanski [Arrowhead, 2nd], winner Camille Davre [Whitefish Bay, 5:02.26], and Annie Hughes [Arrowhead, 4th]. Above right: Davre at the finish of the 1600m run. The weather was sunny with temperatures in the high 80's for the meet.

Left: Third place in the 1600m run went to Oconomowoc's Marlie Houston [#2] who finished .03 ths of a second behind second place runner Megan Olshanski.

Above: Megan Sullivan from Nicolet [6th place] exchanges congratulations with 1600m winner Camille Davre.

Above left 3200m runners L-R: Ashton Keene [#4, Pewaukee, 2nd], winner Zoe Goodmanson [11:25.89] who is a ninth grader from Pewaukee, and third place finisher Annie Hughes from Arrowhead. Above right 3200m runners L-R: Keene, Goodmanson, Rachel Jeffers [Hamilton, 4th], and Hughes.

Above 300m LH L-R: Claire Birk [Hamilton, 2nd], winner Siarah Jones [Milwaukee Rufus King, 45.50], Leah Lenling [Arrowhead, 3rd], and Destiny Huven [Nicolet, 4th].

Above 300m LH: Clair Birk [L] and Siarah Jones [R]

The Homestead 4x8 edged Arrowood by 7/100th s of a second to win thar relay in 9:29.12. The Lady Highlanders posted the second best time in their school history.

Relay runners above L-R:

Zanelle Willemse, Maddie Powell, Allie Levin, and Katie Wegmann

Above: 4x8 relay runners..

The Germantown 4x2 consisting of Rosalie Campbell, Kennedy Runde, Tatum Gallenberger, and anchor Kenzie Schmitz won in 1:43.75

Rosalie Campbell [left] is shown leading off the relay.

Above: Milwaukee Rufus King 4x2 handoff.

Above: Arrowhead's Grace Gilmore and Milwaukee Rufus King's Jayla Abdullah in a close race for 3rd. Arrowhead finished 3rd by .08ths second..

Right: Germantown anchor Kenzie Schmitz and Hamilton's Taylor Klug in a close finish for 1st. Germantown finished 3/100ths of a second ahead of Hamilton.

Exchange Zone 1 of the 4x1

As the 4x1 runners headed into the final exchange it looked like Milwaukee Rufus King was out of the running for a trip to La Crosse. However King anchor [left] Makayla Jackson went to 'warp speed' and gave the Generals a 49.65 - 49.72 win over 2nd place Germantown. King, Germantown, and Watertown all advanced to the State Meet in the 4x1.


The Final Exchange

Left: TJ winner Mary Bartelson [Arrowhead, 36' 05.50].

Above TJ athletes L-R: Mariah Williams [Milweaukee Rufus King, 2nd], Sarah Edwards [Arrowhead, 3rd], and Jayla Batemon [Milwaukee Rufus King, 4th].

Left: Germantown's Erin Willard won the LJ [17' 04.50].

Above LJ athletes L-R: Mary Bartelson from Arrowhead was 1/2 inch behind Willard for second, Makayla Jackson [Milwaukee Rufus King, 3rd], and Mariah Williams [Milwaukee Rufis King, 4th].

Left: PV winner Aly Yurkowitz [Whitefish Bay, 10' 06].

Above PV athletes L-R: Rachel Seraphine [Hamilton, 2nd], and Dana Herman [Oconomowoc, 4th].

Above: Nicolet's Rylee Callahan finished 3rd in the PV competition

Left and above left: HJ winner Marissa Nieman [Germantown, 5' 00].

Above right: Emma Brennan from Pewaukee was 2nd in the HJ.

Below HJ athletes L-R: Leah Lenling [Arrowhead, 4th] and Abby Gerrits [Pewaukee, 3rd].

Left: Brennan Herman from Oconomowoc was 2nd in the SP while teammate Faith Ahsam [right] was 3rd.