Wisconsin Valley Conference Indoor

Tuesday, April 123, 2016 at UW-Stevens Point. Results


Wisconsin Valley Conference schools DC Everest, Marshfield High School, Merrill High School, Stevens Point Area Senior High, Wausau East High School, Wausau West High School, and Wisconsin Rapids Lincoln High School competed at the UW-Stevens Point Multi-Activity-Center.

Stevens Point won the meet with 179 points followed by Wausau West [152] and DC Everest [104].

Wisconsin Track Online Feature For 2016

Above finals of the 55m dash L-R: Sierra Wittenberg [Wausau West, 7th], Lauren Woyak [SPASH, 6th], Laura Canapa [SPASH, 5th], Alyssa Faucett [Wausau West, 2nd, 7.44], winner Grace Hartman [Wisconsin Rapids, 7.44], Elizabeth Keena [Wisconsin Rapids, 3rd], Autumn Schenzel [Merrill, 4th], and Sara Heinrich [Wausau East, 8th].

Below - Finish of the 55m dash

7.44, 7.44, and 7.49

Above 400m dash athletes L-R: Hannah Sankey [SPASH, 2nd in 1:00.62], Alexa Aumann [Marshfield, 5th], Talyn Solinsky [SPASH, 6th], Dalie Thomas [Merrill, 4th], and Halle Gregorich [SPASH, 3rd].

Ninth grader Brooke Jaworski [above in the 400m dash] impressed in the 400m and 200m dash events. In the 400m race she exploded on lap 1 of the 200m track at UW-SP opening up a large gap and finished with a time of 57.02. Later in the meet she came back to post a 25.41 in the 200m dash. Jaworski is at the top of the D1 and All-Division Honor roll lists for those events.

Above 800m runners L-R: Caitlin Deaton [Wausau West, 2nd], Mallory Schmoll [DC Everest, 4th], Autumn Shurbert-Hetzel [SPASH, 3rd], Grace Belson [SPASH, 5th], Emelyn Sheehan [Wausau West, 6th], and winner Abbey Hyland [SPASH, 2:24.04].

Above: 4x8 relay runners.

Above 1600m runners L-R: Rylie Westfall [DC Everest, 4th], Malorie Schmoll [DC Everest, 3rd], Emelyn Sheehan [Wausau West, 6th], Abbey Hyland [SPASH, 1st in 5:24.20], Lena Brearly [Wausau East, 5th], and Grace Belson [SPASH, 2nd].

Left: 1600m winner Abbey Hyland.

Above 1600m runners L-R : Grace Belson, Malorie Schmoll, Rylie Westfall, Lena Brearley, and Emelyn Sheehan.

Above and below finals for the 55m HH event L-R:

Taylor Baine [Wausua West, 2nd in 9.31], winner Enne' Burton [Wausau East, 9.28], and Renee Hinchcliff [SPASH 3rd in 9.34]

Above HH athletes L-R: Madison Stolze [DC Everest, 5th], Skylar Schaetz [Wisconsin Rapids, 6th], and Maddie Nikolai [Marshfield, 4th]

The Warriors from Wausau West set a school record of 10:06.10 in winning the 4x8 indoor race

Teammembers above L-R:

Isabella D'Burke. Emmy Sheehan, Shelby Samz, and anchor Caitlin Deaton.

Above left: Anchor Cailin Deaton and 3rd leg runner Shelby Samz.

Left: SP winner Taylor Louis a junior from SPASH [37' 10].

Above left: Miranda Lang [DC Everest, 2nd].

Above right: Elizabeth Hurzy [SPASH, 3rd].

Left: Kate Osinski [Marshfield, 4th].

Right: Madeline Schires [Wausau West, 5th].

Stevens Point Area Senior High School won the 4x2 in 1:51.36

Teammembers above L-R:

Kiana Thompson, Laura Canapa, Lauren Woyak, and anchor Autum Shurlbet-Hetzel

Above, right and below: 4x2 relay runners

Above : Pole vault winner Maya Veenstra [DC Everest, 10' 00]

Below: Olivia Bright from Wausau West was 2nd in the PV

Above left: Tatum Houlihan [SPASH, 3rd in the LJ].

Above right: Brooke Jaworski [Wausau West, 2nd in the LJ 16' 06.25].

Right: LJ winner Alyssa Faucett [Wausau West, 16' 06.50].

Left: TJ winner Elizabeth Keena [Wisconsin Rapids Lincoln, 34' 09.75].

Above left: Meg Bryan [Marshfield, 3rd in TJ].

Above right: Renee Hinchcliff [SPASH, 5th in TJ].

Right: Tatum Houlihan [SPASH, 2nd in TJ 34' 07].

LJ athlete
Rachel Huffcutt [DC Everest, 5th]

LJ athlete
Kiara Geiger [DC Everest, 6th]

LJ athlete Margaret Negaard [SPASH, 4th]