Sugar River Invitational

Tuesday, April 4, 2017 at Berlleville High School. Results


The Sugar River Raiders of D2 Belleville/New Glarus hosted an early season outdoor meet with D3 Albany, D3 Monticello, D1 Oregon, D3 Pecatonica/Argyle, and D3 Wisconsin School for the Deaf. Oregon won the meet with 178 points followed by host the Sugar Raiders of Belleville/New Glarus.

Wisconsin Track Online Feature For 2017

Above 1600m run athletes L-R: teasmmates Sara Christenson [2nd] and Lauren Beauchaine [3rd] from Oregon.

Left: 1600m run winner Emma Guenther from Albany.

The parents and sports booster club at Belleville/New Glarus produced full size posters of the track and field seniors. The posters are outside the stadium area.

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Athletes took advantage of a rare rain free early season meet to produce some outstanding performances. Defending D1 HH and LH Champion Alexis Jackson [above center in the 100m dash] had impressive winning times in the dash events. She won the 100m dash in 12.64 and then led a strong sprint field to a 200m win in 25.34. The Honor Roll is indebted to former Head Coach William Johnson from Belleville who spent considerable time clarifying the 200m results [results wrong on meet sheet]. Final 200m results were: Alexis Jackson [25.34], Oregon], Scarlet Egwuonwu [25.84, Oregon], and D3 athletes Alyssen Noriega [27.24, Monticello] and Josie Penniston [27.74, Pecatonica/Argyle].

Above 100m dash athletes Olivia Marsden [3rd, Oregon] and Alyssen Noriega [2nd, Monticello].

Right: 100m [12.31 HHT] and 200m [25.03 HHT] dash winner Alexis Jackson from Oregon.

Above: Backstretch of the 400m dash event showing Josie Penniston [green jersey].

Above 400m dash athletes L-R: Elizabeth Tisch [2nd, Pecatonica/Argyle], Kaitlyn Trow [3rd, Albany], and Oregon's Tori Phillips [4th].

Left: 400m dash winner Josie Penniston a senior form Pecatonica/Argyle [1:02.30 HHT].

Abvoe: Start of the 1600m run.

Above 100m HH athletes L-R: Isabella Egwuonwu [2nd, Oregon] and Emily Bartow [Belleville/New Glarus]. Bartow won the 300m LH event in 55.23 [HHT].

Right: 100m HH winner Krista Diaz from Belleview/New Glarus [16.68 HHT].

Above L-R: 3200m run winner Noelle Maire [11:44.26 HHT, Belleville/New Glarus], 800m run winner Megan Anderson [2:49.46 HHT, Albany], and Scarlet Egwuonwu [Oregon, anchor of the winning 4x200m relay team].

The Panthers from Oregon won the 4x2 relay race in 1:49.86 HHT. Oregon is the defending D1 4x2 Champion.

Relay runners above L-R:

Lexi Karls, Danica Keisling, Jenna Igl, and anchor Scarlet Egwuonwu

4x2 runners.

The Albany Comets won the 4x8 relay in 11:31.22 HHT. 24% of the girls enrolled at Albany compete in track and field.

Relay runners above L-R:

Megan Anderson, Ciara Kaderly, Sydney Bloedel, and anchor Haley Knauf

Below: 4x8 relay runners

Above: Albany's Libby Beck won both throw events [Sp-33' 02, discus-94' 10].

Right: Belleville/New Glarus teammates Jade Halvensleben [right] and Grace Schulting [far right] finished 1-2 in the LJ [15' 00].

Above LJ athletes L-R: Teammates Tao Yi Dallman and Madison Bongard from the Wisconsin School for the Deaf, Walela Three-Sticks [Belleville/New Glarus], and Kristin O'Bel [Albany].

Above and right: Pecatonica/Argyle HJ athlete Tatum Pagel [2nd, 4' 08] and HJ winner Scarlet Egwuonwu [Oregon, 4' 08].