2017 Big '8' Conference Meet

Friday May 12, 2017 at Mansfield Stadium. Results


Big '8' conference schools Beloit Memorial, Janesville Craig, Janesville Parker, Madison East, Madison La Follette, Madison Memorial, Madison West, Middleton, Sun Prairie, and Verona Area competed at Mansfield stadium on the campus of Madison Memorial.

The Meet was hosted by Madison West. West and Memorial's home field is Mansfield Stadium,

The Cardinal's from Sun Prairie coached by Doug Maughan regained the title by scoring 143.75 points. Middleton won the 2016 meet while Sun Prairie had won in 2015. The Cardinals were followed by the Spartans from Madison Memorial, Verona Arera, and Middleton.

The meet was competed in ideal weather conditions.

Wisconsin Track Online Feature For 2017

Madison La Follette had held the 4x800m relay record. The Lancers recorded a 9:43.12 in 2011 with a team of Leigha Hodge, Megan Meiller, Sara Monson, and anchor Kayla Diffee. A determined Cardinal quartet from Sun Prairie erased that record and established a new Big '8' record by running to a time of 9:39.57.

The Cardinal team above L-R:

Hannah Ray, Claire Darmstadter, Katie Rose Blachowicz, and anchor Michaela Nelson

4x8 relay runners above L-R: Corra Griffin [Madison Memorial], Hannah Ray, Madeline Ace [Middleton], Ivy White [Craig], and Malia Bissen [Madison Memorial].

Right 4x8 runners L-R: Madison Mememorial's Malia Bissen and Corra Griffin and Sun Prairie's Claire Darmstadter and Hannah Ray.

Above 4x8 relay runners L-R: Claire Darmstadter, Mary Kate Anderson [Madison Memorial], and Sun Prairie 3-4 runners Katie Rose Blachowicz and anchor Michaela Nelson.

Finals of the 100m dash L-R: Tamiya Smith [Verona Area, 5th], Grace Kroger [Madison Memorial, 3rd], Tai Pritts [Middleton, 4th], Tina Shelton [Janesville Parker, 2nd], and Champion Sie'anna Mitchell [Verona Area, 12.25].

Left: Verona Area's Sie'anna Mitchell had a monster night at the the Big 8 Championships. She took home 3 Gold Medals. She won the 200m dash in 25.79 [She is shown in the 100m prelims].

Above 200m runners in the prelims L-R: Meg Fitzpatrick [Madison Memorial,3rd], Riley Larson [Madison East, tie for 3rd], Tina Shelton [Janesville Parker, 2nd], Amy Groshan [Janesville Craig, 5th], and Tai Pritts [Middleton, 6th].

Top 4 in the 400m dash L-R: Champion Sie'anna Mitchell [59.77], Grace Meister [Janesville Craig, 2nd], Hadley Braeten [Middleton, 4th], and Meg Fitzpatrick [Madison Memorial, 3rd].

Above start of the 1600m run L-R: Vivian Hacker and Andi Bowman from Madison West, Sun Prairie's Autumn Dushack, Maddie Thompson, and Trista Pringle, and Champion Peyton Sippy from Janesville Craig.

Left: Sun Prairie's Maddie Thompson in the 1600m [2nd]. Thompson won the 800m run in 2:20.38] and Peyton Sippy in the 1600m run.

Above Sun Prairie 1600m runners l-R: Trista Pringle [3rd] and Autumn Dushack [4th].

Above 1600m runners L-R: Madison West's Andi Bowman [5th] and Vivian Hacker [6th], and Madison Memorial's Izzy Owca [7th] and Caroline Bergman [8th].

The 4x2 relay team from Madison Memorial won that event in 1:47.03.

Runners above L-R:

Mikaela Miller, Sierra Hansen, Leilani Kapinus, and anchor Grace Korger-Mitchell

What 2/100ths Of A Second Looks Like

Anchor's Hadley Braeten [Middleton, 1:47.05] and Grace Korger-Mitchell [Madison Memorial, 1:47.03].

Above wheelchair athlete Audrey Kleiss-Garcia from Madison La Follette. She posted times of 23.65 [100m dash] and 1:29.96 [400m dash].

Madison Memorial's 4x1 won that event in 50.50.

Runners above L-R:

Mikaela Miller, Sierra Hansen, Sam Adler, and anchor Grace Korger-Mitchell.

The Final Exchange in The 4x100m Relay.

Above L-R: The Beloit Memorial trio of Yolonda Johnson [4th], Eva Laun-Smith [1st in 14.86], and Adela Diaz [6th] in the 100m HH event.

Right: finish of the 100m HH showing Eva Laun -Smith [Beloit Memorial] edging out Sun Prairie's Jada Schuh for 1st [14.86 to 14.99].

Above SP athletes L-R: Ayona Johnson [Madison La Follette, 4th], Kashyra Hall [Madison Memorial, 5th], and Grace Schraufnagel [Verona Area, 6th].

Above 100m hurdlers L-R: Jada Schuh [Sun Prairie, 2nd], Carly Coulthart [Sun Prairie, 3rd], and Hannah Ronan [Janesville Craig, 5th].

300m LH Champion Yolonda Johnson from Beloit Memorial [44.98] is shown in the 100m HH event. Johnson's time established a new conference record. She broke the old record of 45.09 set by Madison Memorial's Lindsey Biel in 2004.

Left: LJ Champion Parker Buske [Madison East, 18' 06]. Buske was also 5th in the TJ.

Above Madison La Follette LJ athletes Kiara Lee [2nd, 18' 01] and Tyra Turner [4th].

Left: TJ Champion [shown in the LJ] Eva Laun-Smith [Beloit Memorial, 37' 11.50].

Above LJ athletes Sie'anna Mitchell [Verona Area, 5th] and Ashley O'Connell [Sun Prairie, 6th].

Left: Kiara Lee [Madison La Follette] shown in the LJ was 2nd in the TJ [37' 09].

Above TJ athletes L-R: Leilani Kapinus [Madison Memorial, 3rd] and Jada Schuh [Sun Prairie, 6th].

Madison West junior Nona Anderson won the HJ [5' 02].

Janesville Parker's Lynn Klipstine set the Big 8 record of 41' 08 in the SP at the 1989 Meet. This season Parker sophomore Julia Hartwig came close to breaking that record with a throw of 41' 03. Hartwig is shown above in the finals. Throw athletes are treated to one of the finest SP throw areas anywhere thanks to Coach Joe Frontier and the Madison Memorial commnunity.

Above SP athletes L-R: Julia Hartwig, Reete Thorns [Madison Memorial, 2nd], and Elizabeth Sauk [Sun Prairie, 3rd].


1600m Champion



3200m Champion


Peyton Sippy

Janesville Craig.