Preseason Practice At Walworth Big Foot

Tuesday, March 14, 2017 at Walworth Big Foot High School


Above left: Brooke Wellhausen in the 2016 WIAA 400m dash [7th place]. Above right: Gloria Esarco in the 2016 WIAA 800m run [12th].

Wisconsin Track Online Feature For 2017

Above L-R at the 2015 Rock Valley South Conference Meet: Alexandria Demco in the 200m dash , Nikita Jones taking a handoff from Samara Enz [graduated] in the 4x100m relay, and Brooke Wellhausen in the triple jump.

Left: Grace Gillingham in the 2016 WIAA 4x800m relay.

Above: Gloria Esarco in the 1600m run at the 2015 Rock Valley South Conference Meet.

Big Foot High School

Division: 2

Enrollment [2015-16]: 497

Head Boys and Girls Coach: Greg Lueck.

Conference: Rock Valley

Conference Schools: Big Foot High School, Brodhead High School, Clinton High School, East Troy High School, Edgerton High School, Evansville High School, Jefferson High School, McFarland High School, Palmyra-Eagle High School, Parkview High School, Turner High School, and Whitewater High School.

2016 Rock Valley results.

Left: Anchor Brooke Wellhausen of the 2016 Gold Medal winning Big Foot 4x800m relay.

Right: Alexander Demco in the 2016 WIAA 4x800m relay.

The 9-10 grade sprint and jump athletes worked on their LJ steps/approach with coach Lueck.

Tuesday was a field event emphasis day at Big Foot.

Veteran sprint and jump athletes worked on circuit training in the halls with Coach Courrier while Coach Enz worked with the HJ and hurdle athletes.

Left: Head boys and girls coach Greg Lueck [throws and jumps].

Above coaches L-R: Wes Courier [sprinters], Greg Enz [hurdles and HJ], and Julie Lohse [distance].

Athletes began with warmup drills and then went to stations that included footwork, speed and jump drills, agility using hurdles, and core intensity exercises.

Then the athletes went with their skill groups as they prepared for their first meet at the Nelson-Daniels Clkassic at UW-Whitewater on Friday, March 17.

Distance coach Julie Lohse [top row, 3rd from left] and her runners. Part of the runners workout was outside on the track.

Big Foot Throw Athletes

Pole vault coach Dan Rambatt.