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Wednesday, May 18, 2017 at Cameron High School. Results


Warmups Or Celebration?

The above photo by David Martin from 2015 was used in a Wisconsin Track Online feature March 23, 2015

Excited would be an understatement. After decades of only a grass track students in Cameron now will benefit from the positive support for education that the citizens of Cameron demonstrated when they passed a referendum to upgrade their schools and athletic facilities. The referendum passed 600 to 349. It should be noted that in Cashton a recent referendum passed by only 2 votes.

This is also great news for the Lakeland Conference. For the first time in the history of the Cameron School District and Cameron community, the students will have a new multi-million dollar football and track and field facility to compete on. The facility is so "state of the art," that it will even rival most college level outdoor facilities in the northern part of the state. Also, for the first time in two decades, Cameron will be offering a full Middle School track and field season with five meets scheduled. There are fifty Middle School students signed-up.

In addition with fifty track and field athletes at the high school level, the future looks bright for the Comets track and field in Cameron. Head Coach David Martin after coaching 12 seasons with only a grass track program and never once having a home meet is one excited coach. Also Cameron will now have two home high school meets scheduled for April.

Wisconsin Track Online Feature For 2017

Foillowup To The Cameron feature From 2015

In the words of Coach David Martin of Cameron:

"Hard to believe the Cameron program has grown from a couple dozen kids where they practiced on a grass field and never had a home meet just three years ago to a new facility and 55 kids out this year. Also, new this year, Cameron will be hosting the school's first regional ever...here!"

Cameron Track and Field Team 2017.

Cameron 2017 East Lakeland Conference Champions

The meet was delayed two days by violent weather fronts which were followed by winter type weather

Team photos provided by David Martin