Redbird Invitational At Darlington

Monday, May 8, 2017, at Darlington High School. Results


BSMS athlete Emma Lawrence is shown winning the 100m HH event [16.21]. Lawrence also won the TJ in a BSMS School Record distance of 34' 08.00. Later in the meet Lawrence won the 300m LH in a D3 leading [as of May 8] time of 45.79. Above left: Monroe's Casey Reilly was 2nd in the 100m HH's.

100m HH athletes below L-R:

Maggie Schmitz [Potosi, 5th], Lizzie Schwartz [Darlington, 4th], Reilly, Lawrence, Cassville's Ashley Williams [3rd], and Sydney Mortaloni [Albany, 6th].

Wisconsin Track Online Feature For 2017

Above left: SP winner Brianna Leahy [BSMS, 39' 08]. Above right: Discus winner Kennedy Rankin [Darlington, 114' 05].

Brianna Leahy [BSMS] was 2nd in the discus

The D3 Darlington Redbirds hosted D2 Monroe and D3 schools Albany, Belmont, Blackhawk, Cassville, Cuba City, Pecatonica/Argyle, and Potosi in the annual Redbird Invitational. Monroe outpointed the host Redbirds 157 to 147.5 to win the meet. Benton-Scales Mound-Shullsburg and Albany finished 3-4.

Darlington's Taryn Rankin was 3rd in the discus

Libby Beck [Albany, 2nd in SP, 5th in discus]

Belmont's Elsie de Haan was 4th in the discus

Above: Jordan Hirsbrunner [Monroe, 2nd in LJ.].

Left: LJ winner Paige Murphy from BSMS set a new record for Benton-Scales Mound-Shullsburg by jumping 17' 01.75.

Above: HJ winner Trinity Law [Benton-Scales Mound-Shullsburg] cleared 5' 00 to win the HJ event.

Above left: Darlington's Hunter Weber was 2nd in the PV. Above center: Payton Sigafus [Monroe, 3rd in the PV]. Above 2nd from right: Pecatonica/Argyle's Taetum Pagel [HJ, 2nd]. Above right: Jordan Dressler from Cassville was 3rd in the HJ.

Left: Monroe's Jordan Hirsbrunner. Jordan Hirsbrunner competed in the LJ, SP, and 800m run events. Her time of 2:19.45 in the 800m run is the 2nd best time in D2 as of May 8.

Above left: Lexus Trickel [Monroe, 3rd in LJ, 2nd in TJ].

Above right: Alicia Kuester [Monroe, 4th in LJ].

Above: PV winner Monroe's Josie Eberly [10' 00].

Left and right: Sophomore Cammi Ganshert from Monroe won the 100m dash in 13.19.

Above 100m dash athletes L-R: Madison Peters [Albany, 5th], Haley Gertsch [Blackhawk, 4th], Elizabeth Tisch [Pecatonica/Argyle, 3rd], and Trinity Law [BSMS, 2nd].

Left: 200m dash winner Paige Murphy [BSMS, 27.87]. Pecatonica/Argyle's Josie Penniston had the 2nd best time in trials but did not run in the finals.

Above 200m dash athletes L-R: Kaitlyn Trow [Albany, 2nd, also 4th in the 400m dash], Emma Sanders [Monroe, 3rd], Faith Koester [Monroe, 4th], and Haley Gertsch [Blackhawk, 5th, also 2nd in the 400m dash].

Above 1600m runners L-R: Taylor Reuter [Belmont, 5th], Ilse Mendez [Darlington, 2nd], winner Emma Guenther [Albany, 5:53.42], Megan Anderson [Albany, 3rd], and Brooke Dressler [Potosi, 4th].

Left: 400m dash winner Elizabeth Tisch [Pecatonica/Argyle, 1:03.30]. Above: Pecatonica/Argyle's Valerie Carr was 3rd in the 400m dash. Right: 800m dash winner Jordan Hirsbrunner from Monroe posted a 2:19.45 [shown in the LJ].

Above 300m LH athletes L-R: Lily Reynolds [Potosi, 4th], Lizzie Schwartz [Darlington, 3rd], and Cassi Gersbach [Monroe, 2nd].

Above: 300m LH winner Emma Lawrence from BSMS [45.79]. Her 300m LH time is the best time in D3 as of May 8.

Monroe won the 4x800m in 10:43.46.

Runners above L-R:

Allyce Fahrney, Elise Smith, Sydney Mathiason, and anchor Rachel Meier

Monroe won the 4x100m in 52.10

Runners above L-R:

Josie Eberle, Sydney Mathiason, Casey Rielly, and anchor Cammi Ganshert

4x2 anchor Cammi Ganshert [Monroe]

4x2 anchor Kathleen Mathias [Darlington]

Above: Exchange zone 1 of the 4x100m relay race. Below: final exchange in the 4x100m relay.

Monroe's winning 4x200m relay [1:51.51] L-R:

Emma Sanders, Casey Rielly, Cassi Gersbach, and anchor Cammi Ganshert

Above 4x2 relay runners L-R: Brittney Horner [Potosi], Cassi Gersbach and Casey Rielly [Monroe], and a suspense filled exchange by an unnamed team.

Above 4x2 starts L-R: Lori Moctezuma-Zayas [Belmont] and Sadie Fitzsimons [Darlington].

Above 4x8 runners L-R: Monroe's Allyce Fahrney, Elise Smith, Sydney Mathiason, and anchor Rachel Meier, Darlington's Reghan Komprood and Paige Schilling.