Rock Valley South Conference Meet

Tuesday, May 2, 2017 at Palmyra-Eagle High School. Results


400m Runners

Big Foot's Brooke Wellhausen [2nd, 1:00.57], winner Madee Harding [Brodhead/Juda, 59.98], and third place finisher Alexandria Demco [Big Foot].

Wisconsin Track Online Feature For 2017

Palmyra-Eagle hosted Big Foot, Brodhead/Juda, Clinton, Parkview, and Turner in the Rock Valley South Conference Meet. Parkview is a D3 school while the other schools are D2 schools. Big Foot won the meet with 160.75 points followed by Brodhead/Juda [155], Clinton, and Parkview.

above100m dash athletes in the trials L-R: Lexi Olsen [Parkview], Grace Gillingham [Big Foot], Candice Koehl [Clinton], and Rhianna Teubert [Brodhead/Juda].

Right: Destiny Wash [Beloit Turner] and Brodhead/Juda's Madee Harding in the 100m trails. Harding also won the 200 dash in 27.19.

Above 800m runners L-R: Big Foot runners Gloria Esarco [2nd] and Alexandria Demco [3rd], and Cora Purdue [Brodhead/Juda, 4th].

Left: 800m run winner Camryn Burtness from Orfordville parkview [2:27.46].

Above: Clinton's Jessica Jacobson was 2nd int he 100m HH event.

Right: 100m HH winner Rhianna Teubert from Brodhead/Juda [17.63].

Palmyra-Eagle's Jackie Rosa won the 1600m and 3200m races. She posted times of 5:37.11 and 12:26.01. Rosa is shown on the far left in the 1600m with 1600m run 2nd place finisher Gloria Esarco from Big Foot.

Above start of the 1600m race showing [first frour from left] Carisa Purdue [6th] and Cora Purdue 4th] from Brodhead/Juda, Clinton's Charloitte Mueller [4th], and winner Jackie Rosa from Palmyra-Eagle. .

Above 300m LH athletes from Brodhead/Juda L-R: Rhianna Teubert [2nd] and Kayla Douglas [3rd].

Left: 300m LH winner Jessica Jacobson from Clinton [49.14].

Above 4x800m relay winners [11:29.23] from Brodhead/Juda L-R:

Morgan Tresemer, Nicole Kamholz, Zoe Tresemer, and anchor Cora Purdue

Above 100m dash athletes L-R: Claire Beyers [Big Foot, 8th], Hannah Welte [Clinton,tie 6th], Candice Koehl [Clinton, 4th], Grace Gillingham [Big Foot, 2nd], winner Madee Harding [Brodhead/Juda, 13.53], Destiny Wash [Turner, 3rd], Rhianna Teubert [Brodhead/Juda, 5th], and Sonya Konkel [Palmyra-Eagle, tie 6th].

Brodhead/Juda 4x8 runners Morgan Tresemer, Nicole Kamholz, Zoe Tresemer, and anchor Cora Purdue

Parkview won the 4x200m relay in 1:54.41. Runners above L-R:

Miranda Connell, Serena Slove, Rodneeya Schwartzlow, and anchor Camryn Burtness.

Left: Parkview 4x2 anchor Camryn Burtness.

Right: Brodhead/Juda's Mackenzie Bryne and Parkview's Rodneeya Schwartzlow compete as 3rd leg runners in the 4x2.

Above 4x100m relay winners from Brodhead/Juda [54.34]. Runners L-R:

Mackenzie Lang, Ashley Douglas, Mackenzie Bryne, and anchor Amanda Hasselmann

4x100m relay L-R: Anchor Amanda Hasselmann from Brodhead Juda takes the baton from teammate Mackenzie Bryne, final exchange zone, Cardinal anchor Amanda Hasselmann.

Although the meet ended with no rain and some sun much of the meet was held in cold rainy conditions. Athletes and fans alike dressed for the weather.

Big Foot's Brooke Wellhausen won the LJ [ 15' 06] and TJ [34' 05] events. She is shown above in the LJ.