2019 Deerfield Classic

Friday, May 3, 2019 at Deerfield High School. Results.

Albany, Belleville/New Glarus [Sugar River Raiders], BSMS, Cambridge, Columbus, Darlington, Kewaskum, Lake Mills, Madison Country Day, Marshall, Omro, Pardeeville, Randolph, Rio Community School District, Shorewood, Valley Christian School, Wayland Academy, and Wisconsin Heights competed at the Deerfield Classic. Columbus won the meet with 96 points followed by Belleville/New Glarus, Kewaskum, Benton-Scales Mound-Shullsburg, and Rio.

Rio's Jordyn Hutzler [above left] a senior won three events: The high hurdles [16.38] and low hurdles [48.03], and the long jump [16' 02.50] while ninth grader Kayci Martensen [above right] from Benton-Scales Mound, Shullsburg won the 800 [2:19.41], 1600 [5:10.51], and 3200 [11:10.15] running events.




100m High Hurdles
Finals of the 100m HH event. Hurdlers L-R: Sydney Beasley [Darlington, 4th], Taylor Zittel [Columbus, 2nd], winner Jordyn Hutzler [Rio, 16.16], Belleville/New Glarus hurdler Emily Bartow, and Randolf/Cambria -Freisland's McKenzie Kennedy.

Jordyn Hutzler

Taylor Zittel

Emily Bartow

Sydney Beasley

McKenzie Kennedy

Grace Schopf [Lake Mills, 6th]

100m Dash
Finals of the 100m Dash.
Runners L-R:
Sophie Grieser [Cambridge, 4th], winner Jacey Gray-Hall [Shorewood, 12.79], Kiara Donnell [Belleville/NG, 2nd, 12.80] and Molly Kahl [Coliumbus, 3rd]

Jacey Gray-Hall

Kiara Donnell

Sophie Grieser and Molly Kahl
Kahl won the 400m dash event

Abigail Toepfer [Lake Mills, 5th]

Natty Soper [Darlington, 6th]

Sidney Smith [Columbus, 7th]

200m Dash
200m prelims
Runners L-R:
Abigail Ward [Marshall], Haley Densow [Kewaskum], winner in finals Taylor Zittlel [Columbus, 27.25] AND Wayland Academy's Shania Luster

Taylor Zittel

Jacey Gray-Hall [Shorewood, 2nd, 27.29]

Kiara Donnell [Belleville/NG, 3rd]

Anna Peterson [Kewaskum, 4th]

Anahi Bonilla [marshall, 5th]

Natalie Hering [Wisconsin Heights, 6th]

1600m Run
Heat 3 of 3 of the 1600m run. Runners L-R: Jade Pitta [Lake Mills], Claire Huggett [Marshall], Ilse Mendez [Darlington], Lauren Winslow [Lake Mills], Grace Marchello [Kewaskum], Annika Elliott [Shorewood], and winner Kayci Martensen [5:10.51]

Kayci Martensen

Annika Elliott [2nd]

Ilse Mendezz [3rd]

Claire Huggett [4th]

Grace Marchello [5th]

Lauren Winslow [6th]

4x800m Relay
Kewaskum won the 4x800m relay in 10:27.03
Runners L-R:
Romela Olla, Alyssa Butz, Faith Mertzig, and anchor Grace Marchello

4x8 leg 1 runners

4x8 leg 2 runners

4x8 leg 2 runners

Faith Mertzig in the 4x8

4x8 finish: 10:27.03 to 10:27.13. Shorewood's Abby Gandrud and kewaskum's Grace Marchello

Kewaskum 4x8 runners informed that they
just set an outdoor school record in the 4x8

4x200m Relay Event
Darlington's 4x200m relay team won that event in 1:52.69.
Runners L-R:
Roxi Reuter, Sydney Beasley, Taylor Wedig, and anchor Kathleen Mathias
Leg 2 runners on the exchange to leg 3 runner sin the 4x2
Deerfield's Malayah Navarro to Breanna Ezzell and Darlington's Sydney Beasley to Taylor Wedig



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Darlington's leadoff runner Roxi Reuter

Anchor Kathleen Mathias from Darlington

Long Jump Event

LJ winner Jordyn Hutzler [Rio, 16' 02.50]

Molly Kahl [Columbus, 2nd]

Taylor Zittel [Columbus, 3rd]

Olivia dunkleberger [Lake mills, 4th]

Ava Foley [Belleville/NG, 5th]

Natalie Severson [Columbus, 6th]

High Jump Event
HJ medalists L-R:
Kiana Hellenbrand [Marshall], Mya Andrews [Marshall], Carly Strauss [Lake Mills], winner Trinity Law [BSMS],
Lily Himmelmann [Belleville/NG], Karyssa Quist [Rio], and Makena Vesperman [Lake Mills]

HJ Winner Trinity Law [BSMS, 4' 08]

Mya Andrews [Marshall 3rd]

Lily Himmelmann [Belleville/NG, 3rd]