Mukwonago's Kaylee Beyer To Attend Winona State University
Athlete: Kaylee Beyer.

High School: Mukwonago.

Division: 1

Plans 2019-20: Winona State University.

Events: Distance and middle distance.

Kaylee Beyer Highlights
2016 Classic 8 Conference Meet: 4th in the 1600m, 7th in the 800m and runner on 7th place 4x800m.

2017 Classic 8 Conference Meet: 6th in the 1600m and 7th in the 800m.

2018 Classic 8 Conference Meet: 2nd in the 800m, runner on 4th place 4x800m, and 6th in the 1600m.

2016 WIAA State Meet: Qualifier in the 1600m.

2017 WIAA State Meet: Qualifier in the 1600m.

2018 WIAA State Meet: 44th at the D1 State XC Championships.

1600m 2017 WIAA 1600m 2017 WIAA

Kaylee Beyer
has signed a NLI to compete for the Warriors of Winona State University
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