River Falls's Sofia Naranjo Mata To Attend North Dakota State University
Athlete: Sofia Naranjo Mata.

High School: River Falls.

Division: 1.

Plans 2019-20: North Dakota State University.

Events: Dash, long dash, hurdles, and horizontal jumps.

Sofia Naranjo Mata Highlights

2016 Big Rivers Conference Meet:
Champion in the 100m [School record], 2nd in LJ, 4th in the TJ, 5th in the 100m HH.

2017 Big Rivers Conference Meet: Unable to compete because of injury.

2018 Big Rivers Conference Meet: 2nd in the 100m and 200m, 3rd in the TJ, and 5th in the LJ.

2016 WIAA State Meet: Qualifier in the 100m. and TJ events.

2017 WIAA State Meet: Injured.

2018 WIAA State Meet: 10th in the 100m,
anchor on 10th place 4x100m, and qualifier in the TJ. The times in the 100m and 4x100m were school records.

100m prelims 2018 WIAA 4x100m anchor 2018 WIAA
100m prelims 2018 WIAA TJ 2018 WIAA
Sofia Naranjo Mata will compete for the Bisons of North Dakota State University.
Sofia Naranjo Mata signs her NLI as her parents Tony Mata and Jeremiah Harrelson look on.
Photo by by Sophie Langlos
Sofia Naranjo Mata in the LJ.
Photo by Sophie Langlois.

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