Arrowhead's Anna Schueth To Attend UW-Eau Claire
Athlete: Anna Schueth.

High School: Arrowhead.

Division: 1

Plans 2019-20: UW-Eau Claire.

Events: Long dash and middle distance.

Anna Schueth Highlights
2016 Classic '8' Conference Meet: ----.

2017 Classic '8' Conference Meet: Runner on Champion 4x400m and 4th in the 800m.

2018 Classic '8' Conference Meet: Anchor of Champion 4x800m, runner on Champion 4x400m, and 6th in the 800m.

2016 WIAA State Meet: ---

2017 WIAA State Meet: Silver Medal as runner on the 4x400m.

2018 WIAA State Meet: Gold Medal as runner on the 4x400m, 6th in the 800m, and anchor of the 8th place 4x800m.

4x400m 2018 WIAA 800m 2018 WIAA
Description of signing
Anchor of the Champion 4x800m at the 2018 Classic '8' Conference Meet

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