UW-Platteville High School Invitational

Thursday, March 28, 2019 at UW-Platteville. Results.

Albany, Belmont, Boscobel, Cassville, Deerfield, Easton Valley [Preston, IA], Evansville, Lancaster, Oregon, Potosi, River Ridge, Riverdale, Southwestern, Stoughton, Westby and Wisconsin Heights at Williams Field House on the campus of the University of Wisconsin - Platteville. Head coach Chris Rotzenberg and his staff at UW-Platteville worked the meet

Above: 4x8 Boscobel anchor Ellie Jillson helped the Bulldog distance relay to a 10:43.59 mark which placed Boscobel at #3 on the March 28th D3 HR list in that event. She also anchored the 4x4 to a win and a 4:30.40 clocking good for 4th on the March 25th D3 HR list.

4x800m Relay Event
The Boscobel 4x8 L-R: Madeline Fritz, Abriana Brown, Grace Glasbrenner, and anchor Ellie Jillson.

Maddie Fritz in the 4x8

Abriana Brown in the 4x8

Grace Glasbrenner in the 4x8

55m High Hurdle Event
Above L-R: Isabella Egwuonwu [Oregon, 2nd], Teagan Rooney [Westby, 5th], and winner Ashley Williams [Cassville-Potosi, 9.30, 9.29 prelims]
Above L-R: Erin Beck [Boscobel, 4th], Hannah Lacey [Southwestern,6th], Chelsey Letcher [Lancaster, 7th], and Maggie Schmitz [Cassville-Potosi, 8th]

55m Dash Event
Westby sophomore Grace Hebel shown above in the 55m prelims was 1st in the finals with a 7.33. That time was #1 on the March 28th D2 HR.

Cearah Egwuonwu [Oregon, 2nd]

Anna Kartman [Cassville-Potosi, 3rd]

Mackenzie Funk [Southwestrn, 5th]
and Jenna Sharkus [Oregon, 4th]

Kaitlyn Trow [Albany, 6th]

Crystaylin Mish [Lancaster, 7th]

Kristin O'Bel [Albany, 8th]

1600m Run Event

Grace Reidl [Oregon, 1st in 6:09.46]

Oregon runners L-R: Bryanna Salzar [3rd],
Clara Hughes [2nd], and Julia Hutchinson [4th]

Ally Ihm [Cassville-Potosi, 5th]

Megan Anderson [Albany, 6th]

Madeline Stuart [Evansville, 7th]

Renee Caminiti [Wisconsin Heights, 8th]

4x200m Relay Event

Easton Valley [Iowa] won the 4x2 in 1:56.12 followed by Oregon [1:57.467] and Albany [1:58.26]

Deerfield 4x2 runners

Oregon 4x2 runners

Albany 4x2 runners

Triple Jump Event
Westby's Grace Hebel triple jumped 36' 04.00 to win that event and move to the #3 spot on the March 28th D2 TJ list

Lancaster's Devin Wagner placed 2nd in the TJ [above]
and won the LJ event [32' 06.50, 15' 09.50

Morgan DeBuhr [Lancaster 3rd]

Lydia Reynolds [Cassville-Potosi, 4th]

Vertical Jump Events

HJ winner Maddi Klemme [Easton Valley, IA, 4' 08]

Hannah Lacey [Southwestern, 2nd in HJ 4' 08]

Shawna Newton [Boscobel, 3rd in HJ]

Danielle Kroll [Deerfield, 5th]

Micah Zaemisch [Stoughton, 1st, 9' 00.00]

Randa Bell [Boscobel [3rd]

Shot Put Event
Senior Libby Beck from Albany moved up to the 3rd place D3 HR spot with a winning throw of 39' 00.00

Kalayah Kaschub [Riverdale, 2nd]

Audrey Killian [Stoughton, 3rd]

Bree Wannebo [Oregon, 4th]

Elsie deHaan [Belmont, 5th]

Calli Beck [Easton Valley, IA, 6th]

Sasha Wrege [Belmont, 7th]