Laconia's Cyna Madigan To Attend Pittsburg State University
Athlete: Cyna Madigan.

High School: Laconia.

Division: 2.

Plans 2020-21: Pittsburg State University (Kansas) XC | T

Events: Middle distance and distance.

Cyna Madigan Highlights

2016 Wisconsin Flyway Conference XC Meet: Meet Champion and WIAA qualifier.

2017 Wisconsin Flyway Conference Meet: Did not compete in track. In XC was the runnerup in the Flyway Conference Meet and qualifier for the WIAA State Meet.

2018 Wisconsin Flyway Conference Meet: Champion in the 800m, 2nd in the 1600m, runner on 2nd place 4x2, and 6th in the TJ. Champion in the Flyway Conference XC Meet.

2019 Wisconsin Flyway Conference Meet: Champion in the 1600m, 2nd in the 400m, and 3rd in the LJ. 2019 Flyway Conference XC Champion.

2017 WIAA State Meet: 76th at the 2017 WIAA State XC Meet.

2018 WIAA State Meet: 7th in the 1600m. Runner on WIAA Regional Champion 4x200. 16th at the WIAA XC State Meet.

2019 WIAA State Meet: 8th in the 1600m and 11th in the 800m run events.
21st at the 2019 WIAA D3 State XC Meet. AAU Junior Olympics: 9th in the 800m and 10th in the 1500m. 21st at the WIAA State XC Meet.

2019 WIAA 1600m 2019 WIAA 800m

Cyna Madigan signed a National Letter of Intent November 13 to compete for Pittsburg State University
2018 WIAA State Cross Country Meet
Photo provided by MC Madigan
2019 AAU Junior Olympics Meet in Greensboro, NC
Photo provided by MC Madigan
2018 Whitewater WIAA Sectional 1600m
Cyna Madigan [#6] 2018 WIAA 1600m

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