Waterford's Jayda Obluck To Attend Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis
Athlete: Jayda Obluck.

High School: Waterford.

Division: 1.

Plans 2019-20: IUPUI XC | T.

Events: Middle distance and distance.

Jayda Obluck Highlights
2017 Southern Lakes Conference Meet: 3rd in the 800m and 8th in the 1600m.

2018 Southern Lakesa Conference Meet: Runner on Champion 4x4 and 2nd place in the 800m and 1600m running events.

2019 Southern Lakes Conference Meet: Champion in the 800m, anchor of Champion 4x4, and 2nd in the 1600m.

2017 WIAA State Meet: Runner on qualifying 4x8 relay team.

2018 WIAA State Meet: Runner on 5th place 4x8 and runner on 13th place 4x4 relay teams. Placed 43rd at the 2018 D1 WIAA State XC Meet.

2019 WIAA State Meet: 10th in the 800m and qualifier as a runner on the 4x4 and 4x8 relays.

2019 WIAA 4x800m 2019 WIAA 800m

Jada Obluck
signed a National Letter of Intent on November 21, 2019, to compete for the Jaguars of IUPUI
2019 4x800m at the Union Grove D1 WIAA Regional

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