Ladysmith's Kylee Becker To Attend Winona State University
Athlete: Kylee Becker.

High School: Ladysmith.

Division: 3.

Plans 2021-22: Winona State University.

Events: Hurdles, sprints, and horizontal jumps.

Kylee Becker Highlights

2018 Heart O' North Conference Meet: Second in the 300m LH, 3rd in the 100m HH, and 5th in the 200m and TJ.

2019 Heart O' North Conference Meet: Champion in the 100m HH and 300m LH, 2nd in the TJ, and 3rd in the LJ.

2020 Heart O' North Conference Meet: Season canceled

2018 WIAA State Meet: D2 in 2018 - 10th in 300m LH,

2019 WIAA State Meet: D3 in 2019 - Silver Medal winner in the 300m LH, 4th in the 100m HH, and 13th in the TJ.

2020 WIAA State Meet: State Meet Canceled

2019 WIAA 300m LH 2019 WIAA 300m LH

Kylee Becker
signed a NLI on November 11th to compete for the Warriors of Winona State University
2019 WIAA 100m HH
2019 WIAA TJ
L-R: Kylee Becker's parents Craig and Carrie, Kylee, and Bailey Naas [Asst. Head Coach].
Signing photos provided by Ladysmith Head Coach Jake Ebner
Left: Kylee Becker signs her NLI for Winona State. Right Kylee and Assistant head coach Bailey Naas.

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