Wauwatosa East's Jetta Mays
Athlete: Jetta May.

High School: Wauwatosa East.

Division: 1.

Plans 2021-22: DePaul University.

Events: Dash and sprint relays.

Jetta Mays Highlights

2018 Greater Metro Conference Meet: Champion in the 200m, anchor of champion 4x1, and runner on 2nd place 4x2.

2019 Greater Metro Conference Meet: Anchor on 2nd place 4x100m, 3rd in the 100m, and anchor on 4th place 4x2,

2020 Greater Metro Conference Meet: Season canceled

2018 WIAA State Meet: Anchor on 6th place 4x200m and 7th in the 200m dash.

2019 WIAA State Meet: 4th place in the 100m, 5th place in the 200m, and anchor of qualifying 4x2.

2020 WIAA State Meet: State Meet Canceled

2019 WIAA 100m 2019 WIAA 200m
Jetta Mays has signed a NLI to compete for the Blue Demons of DePaul University

Jetta Mays [L] and her sister Maia [R] signing their National Letter of Intents
Signing photo by Mindy Mays

Maiai Mays, Wauwatosa East Head Coach Ryan Losinski, and Jetta Mays
Signing photo by Mindy Mays

Left: 100m prelims 2019 WIAA. Right: 200m Finals 2019 WIAA
2018 4x100m Relay At The Wisconsin Lutheran D1 WIAA Regional
DePaul University Signing Announcement
Maia [L] and Jetta [R] at the 2019 Myrhum Invitational at Arrowhead High School

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