West Bend West's Ashlyn Uebersetzig to Attend UW-Milwaukee
Athlete: Ashlyn Uebersetzig.

High School: West Bend West.

Division: 1.

Plans 2021-22: UW - Milwaukee.

Events: Dash, long dash and middle distance.

Ashlyn Uebersetzig Highlights

2018 North Shore Conference Meet: Champion in the 200m and 400m dash events, and runner on Champion 4x400m,

2019 North Shore Conference Meet: Champion in the 200m and 400m dash events and runner on 2nd place 4x400m.

2020 North Shore Conference Meet: Season canceled

2018 WIAA State Meet: Runner on 4th place 4x400m, runner on 5th place 4x200m, and 9th in the 400m.

2019 WIAA State Meet: 9th in the 400m dash, runner on 4th place 4x200m, and runner on 9th place 4x400m.

2020 WIAA State Meet: State Meet Canceled

2019 WIAA 400m 2019 WIAA 400m

Ashlyn Uebersetzig has signed a National Letter of Intent to compete for the Panthers of UW-Milwaukee
2018 WIAA 4x400m
Left: Signing celebration. Right: Ashlyn and her father Chad. She has been a member of the Milwaukee Mustangs track club
Photos by Jennifer Uebersetzig
2019 WIAA ~ 4th place in the 4x200m Relay
L-R: Abbey Canfield, Maddie Rettler, Ashlyn Uebersetzig, and Julia McClain.
Photos by Jennifer Uebersetzig
Left: Past coach Jerry Halopka, Ashlyn, and coach Jeff Schreiber at the 2019 W/TFA Meet at UW-Whitewater.
Right: Silver Medal winning 4x4 2019 W/TFA at UW-Whitewater
Top row L-R: Abbey Canfield and Maddie Paulson. Bottom row L-R: Olivia Burns and Ashlyn Uebersetzig
Photos by Jennifer Uebersetzig
The Uebersetzig family at the WIAA Meet in La Crosse 2019: Mother Jennifer, Ashlyn, sister Avery, and father Chad.
Photo provided by Jennifer Uebersetzig
Signing Celebration
Photos by Jennifer Uebersetzig
Ashlyn Uebersetzig 2019
Photo provided by Jennifer Uebersetzig

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