Osceola D2 Regional~Photos By John Reed

Monday, May 23, 2022 At Osceola High School. Results.

4x100m Relay
On a night when 48 regionals were held to determine sectional qualifiers Osceola outpointed Amery, St. Croix Falls, Hayward, Rice Lake, Ashland, Barron, Northwestern and Spooner to win its own regional meet. Double winners were Luciana Aizpurua [100, 200], Rachel Ulrich [800, 1600], Hailee Halverson [ HH, HJ], and the Hayward 4x2 and 4x4. In the 4x1 finish shown above the anchors were L-R: Kaylee Miron [St. Croix Falls, 2nd, 51.83], Sophia Knauff [Rice Lake, 3rd], Grace Williamson [Avery, 4th], and Shelby Wiederin [Osceola, 1st, 51.65].
100m High Hurdles
High hurdlers in the finals L-R:
Lily Nichols [Northwestern, 6th], Grace Moravchik [Ashland, 5th], Hattie Fox [Osceola, 2nd], and winner Hailee Halverson [Barron, 15.86].
1600m Run
John Reed's photo shows three laps to go as Barron's Fran Peterson and Osceola's Rachel Ulrich pull away from the other runners. Ulrich won in 5:04.78 with Peterson second in 5:09.28. Ulrich also won the 800m run while Peterson won the 3200m run later in the meet.
400m Dash
Defending D2 WIAA 2021 Champion and record holder in the D2 400m dash sophomore Eliana Sheplee from Rice lake is shown winning the 400m in 58.64
Shot Put

SP winner Alaina Rivard [Amery, 39' 08]

Isabella Schmidt [Rice Lake, 2nd, 37' 08]

Kylie Broten [St. Croix Falls, 4th]


Winner Kylie Broten [St. Croix Falls, 120' 03]

Taylor Schulz [Rice Lake, 2nd 117' 04]

Alaina Rivard [Amery, 4th]

300m Low Hurdles
Grace Moravchik - Ashland 300m Low Hurdle winner [46.48]
200m Dash
Luciana Aizpurua from Amery won the 200m dash with a time of 25.72. She also won the 100m dash in 12.30.
Rice Lake's Eliana Sheplee was 2nd in the 200m [25.80] and Shelby Wiederin from Osceola 3rd in the 200m dash.
4x200m Relay
Hayward won both the 4x2 [1:46.80] and 4x4 [4:04.69] relay events. Hayward anchor in the 4x2 [above left] was Sarah Grubbs. Grubbs also anchored the Hurricanes 4x4. Osceola was 2nd in the 4x2 [#4, anchor Shelby Wiederin] and St. Croix Falls was 3rd [#3, anchor Kaylee Miron].
Osceola D2 WIAA Regional ~ Photos by John Reed