37th Annual Dan Benson Invite At Tosa West

Friday, April 29, 2017 at Wauwatosa West High school. Results


Beaver Dam, Greendale, Homestead, Milwaukee Rufus King, Milwaukee Lutheran, Shorewood, Sun Prairie, Wausau West, Wauwatosa East, and West Allis Central competed at host Wauwatosa West's 37th Annual Dan Benson Track & Field Invitational.

The Cardinals from Sun Prairie won the meet with 189 points followed by Milwaukee Rufus King, Wausau West, and Homestead.

Wausau West's Brooke Jaworski running against the clock won the 400m [left and right] in 55.39. This was close to the 54.59 she ran indoors at the New Balance Meet at the Armory in New York City on March 12.

Later in the meet Jaworski blazed to a season best 24.73 to win the 200m dash against a star loaded race.

The speedster trio from Milwaukee Rufus King consisting of Amari Brown [24.93, below left], Kiersten Walker [25.20, below center], and Makayla Jackson [25.93, below right] finished 2-3-4 in the 200m dash.

Jaworski is shown in the 400m dash while the others are from either the 100m dash or the 4x2 relay.

Wisconsin Track Online Feature For 2017

Above 100m dash athletes L-R: Ja'Cey Simmons, Camari Tellis [Milwaukee Rufus King, 4th], Cheri'A Adams [Wauwatosa West, 5th], Olivia Bright [Wausau West, 6th], Brishaun Bailey [Wauwatosa West, 7th], and Jordan Johnson [Shorewood, 8th].

Above and left 100m HH winner: Brooklyn Blackburn. Far left: Siarah Jones [Milwaukee Rufus King, 2nd in 15.25]. Blackburn set a new Wauwatosa East School Record with a clocking of 15.18. This broke the old record of 15.54 set by Tosa East's Brianna Jury in 1998. Jury is now a Wauwatosa West track and field coach.

Above left and center: Homestead's Leah Gholson and Milwaukee Lutheran's Afrika Hamilton in the prelims.

Hamilton had a time of 16.03 in the prelims but an injury prevented her from running in the finals. Gholson finished 3rd in the finals.

Above right: Beaver Dam's Klahryssa Heinzen was 7th in the finals.

Far left: Carly Coulthart [Sun Prairie, 5th].

Left: Jada Schuh [Sun Prairie,4th].

Right: Alyssa Fritsche [Wausau West, 6th].

Above 400m long dash runners L-R: Kate Dickman [Shorewood, 6th], Marlo Korman [Wauwaotsa West, 7th], and Akili Pleas-Carnie [Milwaukee Rufus King, 8th].

Left: 800m run winner Michaela Nelson a sophomore from Sun Prairie [2:23.68]. Nelson is shown in the 4x800m relay event. .

Above 400m long dash runners L-R: Savannah Melan [Homestead, 2nd], Samantha Kreft [Sun Prairie, 3rd], Shelby Samz [Wausau West, 4th], and Caitlin Deaton [Wausau West 5th].

Above 1600m runners L-R: Felicity Hade [Shorewood, 5th], Thais Maques [Homestead, 6th], Maragret Froh [Milwaukee Rufus King, 7th], and Andrea Mabie [Wauwatosa East, 8th]

100m finals above L-R: Amari Brown, [Milwaukee Rufus King, 1st, 12.23], Makayla Jackson [Milwaukee Rufus King, 3rd, 12.31, 12.28 in prelims] and Milwaukee Lutheran's Ja'Cey Simmons [2nd, 12.29]

Start of the 1600m run

Above 1600m runners L-R: Allie Levin [Homestead, 3rd, 5:16.40], Autumn Dushack [Sun Prairie, 2nd, 5:16.24], Katie Rose Blachowicz [Sun Prairie, 4th], and Dushack.

Left: 1600m run winner Maddie Thompson a sophomore from Sun Prairie [5:11.40].

Above 300m LH athletes L-R: Leah Gholson [Homestead, 2nd] and Kayla Crump [Wauwatosa West, 3rd, shown in the 100m HH prelims].

Left: 300m LH winn er Siarah Jones from Milwaukee Ruus King [46.41],

Left: 300m LH Athletes Jada Schuh [Sun Prairie,4th].

Right: Abby Wood [Wauwatosa East, 5th]

Above: final exchange zone of the 4x100m relay.

Above left: Milwaukee Rufus King's Deja Bates hands off to the Generals anchor Makayla Jackson as Jile Garwo of Sun Prairie gets the baton to the Cardinal anchor Payton Siehr. Above right: Anchors Jackson and Siehr sprint to the finish line. Rufus King won in 50.71.

The Milwaukee Rufus King 4x100m Relay Team

Above L-R: Ameera Fowler, Mariah Williams, Deja Bates, and anchor Makayla Jackson

Above TJ athletes L-R: Jada Schuh [Sun Prairie, 3rd], Kasy Walker-Daniels [Sun Prairie, 5th], Hayden Kroll [Wausau West, 6th], and Emma Raumann [Wausau West, 7th].

Right: Pole vault winner Natalie Pfann [Sun Prairie, 10' 00.00].

Above the winning Milwaukee Rufus King 4x200m relay team posted a 1:45.55.

Above L-R: Camarii Tellis, Taylor Cross, Rose Cramer, and anchor Kiersten Walker

Left: Milwaukee Ruus King anchor Kiersten Walker. Above Taylor Cross gets the baton to Milwaukee Rufus King teammate Rose Cramer.

Above 4x200m relay atheltes L-R: Beaver Dam's Summer Salettel, Wausau West's Emma Raumann, Greendale's Claire Laasoued, and Homestead's Natalie Ceelen.

Above: The Cardinals from Sun Prairie were timed in 9:50.49 in winning the 4x800m relay event.

Runners above L-R: Autumn Dushack, Trista Pringle, Clara Berning, and anchor Micaela Nelson.

Below: 4x800m runners.

Wauwatosa West junior Breanna Weigman won the HJ [5' 04]. Her winning jump is shown above and below left and center.

Above LJ athletes L-R: Brooke Jaworski [Wausau West, 2nd] and Milwaukee Rufus King's Mariah Williams [3rd]. Far left: Makayla Jackson on her first jump recorded an 18' 02.50 [approach shown]. That jump held up to win the event.

Left. Makayla Jackson on her 3rd try in the LJ.

Above Horizontal jump athletes L-R: Madison Williams [West Allis Central, 6th in LJ], Trinity Williams [Shorewood, 7th in LJ], and Cheri'A Adams [Wauwatosa West, 2nd in the TJ].

Right TJ winner Klahryssa Heinzen [Beaver Dam, 34' 09.50].