Wheelchair Returning WIAA State Meet Athletes

2014 Season Preseason Preview: Wednesday, January 1, 2014. Wheelchair Results

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Wheelchair Athletes

Wisconsin Track Online Feature For 2014

Karyn Burrows [JR, Waukesha North]

Andi Minster [SR, Franklin] in the 100m wheelchair dash event

Wheelchair events were first run at the 2010 State Meet. Two wheelchair athletes Melanie Watson [Oconomowoc] and Dani Ebben [Fort Atkinson who hold all the wheelchair records have now graduated.

Wheelchair Records

100-Meter Melanie Watson-Oconomowoc [19.52, 2012]

400-Meter Dani Ebben-Fort Atkinson [1:11.38, 2013]

800-Meter Melanie Watson-Oconomowoc [ 2:34.2, 2011]

1,600-Meter Melanie Watson-Oconomowoc [5:09.58, 2012]

Shot Put Dani Ebben-Fort Atkinson [13' 07.00, 2013]

Andi Minster [SR, Franklin]