Friday, June 3 and Saturday, June 4, 2022: Veterans Memorial Field @ UW-La Crosse. Results: All | D1 | D2 | D3 | WC
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Chair athletes had the track to themselves from 7:30 AM to 8:00 AM on Saturday in order to warm up. Left: Chair athlete Karissa Craddock who holds the 100m Dash Record set at the 2021 State Meet is shown with her mother Karleen who is her chair coach. Right: Co-Head coach from Turner Nolan Otremba discusses strategy with Turner athlete Rachel Cleaver. Cleaver had quite a meet winning four events [100, 400, 800, SP] and breaking her 2021 SP Record by less than an inch.
Head Girls Kenosha Indian Trail coach Ashley Kuehl tells the Jundts Emma and Josh to get ready....."last one to the finish washes the dishes!!" during a warmup sprint start drill. Kenosha Indian Trail coaches Kevin Aronin [center] and Jared DeAngelo are also shown above.
Wheelchair Athletes

Rachel Cleaver - Turner

Karissa Craddock - Richland Center

Bree Doll - Prairie du Chien

Ava Finger - Dodgeland

Emma Jundt - Kenosha Indian Trail

Ella Phillips - Stoughton

Kacey Polanz - Cudahy


Araina Roderick - Sparta

100m Wheelchair Event
100m Wheelchair Race Start- heat 2 L-R: Bree Doll, Rachel Cleaver, and Karissa Craddock.
Awards for the 100m Wheelchair race L-R: Rachel Cleaver [1st, 22.47], Emma Jundt [3rd, 23.32], and Ava Finger [5th, 30.84], Ella Phillips [7th, not shown].

Ariana Roderick [6th] & Bree Doll [4th]

Karissa Craddock [2nd, 23.17]

Karissa Craddock

400m Wheelchair Event
Rachel Cleaver from Turner won all wheelchair track events [100, 400, 800. There were no contestants in the 1600m girls wheelchair race. In the 400m wheelchair race Cleaver posted a 1:18.00 for the win. She was followed by Karissa Craddock [1:24.81], Emma Jundt [1:27.36], Bree Doll [1:39.90], Ava Finger [1:57.83], and Araiana Roderick [2:14.69].

Rachel Cleaver

Karissa Craddock

Emma Jundt

Bree Doll

Ava Finger

Araina Roderick

800m Wheelchair Event
In the 800m wheelchair race Turner's Rachel Cleaver was first in 2:58.81 followed by Emma Jundt, Karissa Craddock, and Bree Doll.
Shot Put Wheelchair Event

In the shot put event Turner's Rachel Cleaver broke the record she had set in 2021 when she had a throw of 16' 00. This year she threw 16' 00.75 to set a new shot put record. She was followed by Emma Jundt [13' 03], Ava Finger [11' 02.50], Kacey Polenz [10' 02.50], Araina Roderick [10' 00.50], and Ella Phillips [7' 09].